Changing IP of Philips Hue Hub after setup?

I’m restructuring my LAN at home right now, grouping different device types onto different VLANs. I want to move my ST hub and Philips Hue hub to a VLAN dedicated to IoT devices, but am concerned about how to get ST to recognize the IP of the Hue hub after the move.

I already ran into this issue when swapping out my router, as the Hue hub obtained a new IP address at the time, and the only way I could get it working again was to statically assign the old IP that the ST hub was looking for.

Is there any way to update / force ST to find the Hue hub again after making this move? Without completely removing and re-adding the Hue hub and all of the attached bulbs?

Strange… I recently upgraded my entire network to Ubiquity’s Unifi equipment and reorganized all static IPs, including the ST hub and the HUE hub. I did not have any issues with either one changing their IPs (statically assigned) and I did not do anything (intentionally at least) to make it work.

Just in case it matters, I have a v2 ST hub and I no longer use any SmartApps to add support for Hue lights as the ST hub can find them on its own.

On this point, do you mean you paired the Hue bulbs with ST, or that ST can easily find the bulbs attached to the Hue hub on its own?

Hah, that’s exactly what I’m in the middle of. Got everything else pretty much done, just shifting things around onto their own VLANs now… So when you changed your network, did you not assign static IPs for the ST and/or Hue hubs, or you mean it didn’t have any issue handling it after the IPs were changed?

Seemed like ST couldn’t send any commands to my Hue hub when the Hue IP changed… And looking at the setup in the IDE, I couldn’t see the Hue IP changing from the original address (x.x.x.108)… Seemed like it only started working again once I put the Hue hub back on that x.x.x.108 address again.

(Wanders through the room mumbling softly to self bridge…bridge…bridge…

For technical reasons, the Hue device is a bridge, not a hub. Which is why it says “bridge” on the box. There is no “Hue hub.”

But pay no attention to me, I know no one else cares about this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Carry on.)


@talz13 - I used to have a Hue “Connect” smartapp that added my bulbs to ST but at some point ST introduced the “Super LAN Connect” which allowed me to uninstall the app. The bulbs are still connected to the Hue hub… uhm… box… uhm bridge (that was for you @JDRoberts :smile: … BUT you are RIGHT). When I moved devices around to other IPs, I do not recall doing anything to get everything back up and running. If I did it was likely by pure coincidence.

One thing I did NOT do was assign different VLANs. I wonder if you have introduced an issue there where the ST hub can’t ‘see/talk to’ the Hue bridge.

To keep things organized I decided to reserve the first 15 IP addresses x.x.x.1-15 for my dozen Unifi networking devices so the ST Hub and Hue bridge that were assigned to .4 and .5 got pushed out beyond x.x.x.15. I power cycled the devices and they soon picked up the new IP. I really do not recall doing anything more to restore functionality.

Maybe the only thing I did do what check things out here:

It shows all the settings of the bridge. I believe you can set it to get an IP via DHCP from there, or at least ensure it is DHCP enabled:

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Well that just worked! Moved the devices over to a new VLAN, and everything is still working, and ST is showing the new IP of the Hue bridge.

Nothing to see here, move along :slight_smile:

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