PSA: Fix/Renew Hue Bridge IP address in ST

Long story short, I had to replace my router, and it was set up with a default 10.0.0.x scheme, and I switched back to my standard 192.168.x.x scheme, but the ST Hub had the Hue’s 10.0.0.x address locked in, and therefore i couldn’t control anything Hue. Took me a while to figure out how to force a change, so to save others the trouble:

  1. Open Hue (connect) under Automation/SmartApps in the mobile app.
  2. Choose your bridge
  3. You’ll see “discovery started”.
  4. Wait, and after a few minutes, the new IP will be discovered.
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Just wanted to update this post. You can no longer see the bridge in the SmartApps section. You now have to “Add a thing” and press your Hue button on the bridge in order to fix the IP address. Worked like a charm this morning after a reset on the router.