Changing icons in the new App by changing the device type in SmartThings IDE

So I read from other posts that you can’t change the icon in the new App which is not exactly what I want to do… I have a motion sensor who’s icon looks more like door sensor (two separate parts) and a switch that I would like to look like a light bulb (when viewed in the new App).

So my question, is it possible to modify the device type in the device settings of the SmartThings IDE to change the icon or is this likely to break other things?


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except I am wrong this is controlled by the vid and ocfdevicetype you have to add to your DTH.

example on my side:
definition (name: “Honeywell_HPA250B”, namespace: “philippeportesppo”, author: “Philippe PORTES”, mnmn:“SmartThings”, vid:“generic-air-purifier”, ocfDeviceType:“oic.d.airpurifier” )

will display this icon:

Thanks Philippe - I think you lost me… I had to lookup DTH and now know that this is a Device Type Handler; I have a few handlers for things like the Aqara motion sensor, would I just augment that code to use a different icon? Can the code be as simple as what you’ve posted above or is this just a snippet??? Or, am I missing it altogether…

sorry yes DTH is device handler.

so yes it is simple as that.

You have to check at

find your device capabilities and append the vid and ocf values. In your case vid:“motionSensor”, ocfDeviceType:“oic.r.sensor.motion"

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Thank you for helping. This seems to imply that it’s for the classic App, is that correct? I’m using the new App so just wanted to check before diving down the rabbit hole!

no no this is for the new app.
you can see I gave you the link to the new documentation despite the bad title and I showed you my icon in the new app. 1,2, 3, Dive!

Thanks, I think I wasn’t paying enough attention…

@Philippe_Portes, have you rewritten your Air Purifier DH for the new app? I am looking for a good example of an air purifier DH. In my free time I am working on a solution to get my Philips air purifier/humidifier integrated into ST.

hi there.

I sort of rewrote… main changes are the fan speed management and filter management that are done differently in the new DTH to stick to the new capabilities.

have a check at

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