Icons in IKEA DTH

I have IKEA Outlets (E1603) connected to lights and fans. I’ve been playing around with vid’s, ocf’s, canChangeIcon etc to change the outlet icon to lights (bulb icon) and fan icon in the DTH, but no success.

Is it possible?


In anything is going to work, using a DTH with ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.light" for devices controlling lights, and ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.fan" for those controlling fans will probably be it.

There is a lot of caching going on these days - you are as likely to have to wait twenty-four hours as you are to get instant results.

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are already in the the DTH’s , but no success, published since 48h.

Other things to try?


You need to delete the dths and devices and start from scratch. Those are the correct ways to change the icon.

Hmm. Delete device, delete DTH - then create DTH again, add device and then add DTH to device?


But ideally you should add the Zigbee fingerprint for the device to the DTH so it automatically assigns that DTH when you use scan nearby to add the device.

ok, i’m a novice , could you advice me - where to put what:

You already have the correct fingerprint so just pair the device next time by using ‘scan nearby’ instead of selecting ikea

DTH created, device paired using ‘scan nearby’ = adds as IKEA Outlet.

Changing DTH to my own, save/update = same stupid Outlet Icon.

You are hitting the cache because the device is first pairing using a different DTH. In your situation since you’ve modified a stock DTH there may be no way around the caching issue other than to wait. You can try clearing app data on your phone.

For Z-Wave i’m able to change icon to whatever i want using ocf, but for Zigbee i’m not.

  • Started from scratch , all devices deleted/excluded, DTH’s deleted, reset HUB (v3). Uninstalled app.
  • DTH’s recreated, added devices, installed app.

Same same


It works for Zigbee, the problem is the caching is making the initial icon when joined stick.
Since the device has a built in DTH there is no solution for you, you can maybe try just waiting but it could take days for the cache to be refreshed.

ok, then i just have to wait and see.