Change icons in new app

How do I change icons for devices in the new app?

it is not possible

Feature request! Feature request!

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Not possible yet. (Hopefully…)

Right now the only way is to create a new DTH and change the OCF metadata

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Unbelievable. Hundreds of icons in Classic, poorly executed and drawn icons in the New app, AND you can’t change them after setting up the device?

Who is the idiot Product Manager that decided people shouldn’t be able to change icons after setting up the device?

I just replaced two Honeywell plug-in lamp modules with two Honeywell built-in receptacles. Setting them up is so convoluted. You have to go to Add / Device / By Brand and choose the device. The stock icon on that page is a generic outlet – it does not show that I am controlling a lamp on the end table with the outlet.

I’ve got lots of ST devices installed, but software design decisions like this are so dismaying and have been going on for YEARS.

I just talked to Customer Support and the guy wasn’t very smart about ST - he had to do “research” to tell me I can’t change icons. I should have come here first.

Lastly – I’m changing out the plug-in module with the built-in outlet. It sure would be nice to transfer all the setup and automation from the old device to the functionally-equivalent new device. Doing this manually is a huge pain in the keister.

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