Changes to "legacy" Dashboards, could it be a precursor to something new coming?

I could be losing it, so I thought I’d post something I’ve recently just noticed.

Prior to "App"ocalypse 2.0 when Dashboards were around for everyone who didn’t migrate hubs or delete Dashboards, if you went into any of them you’d see “dots” at the bottom of the screen showing you which view in that Dashboard you were on. For example, within Damage & Danger, swiping through from “Right Now” all the way to “Shop Now”. For me, I still have all Dashboards available, and here’s how that looked in app 2.0.x roughly around October 5th: (notice what I’ve circled in red)

Notice how it looks now in the images below. Instead of those “dots” there’s now a “header” line:

Could it be that the “old” Dashboards are being overhauled for app 2.x? In one of the many threads regarding this topic, we were told “new” Dashboard has stuff coming. Could this be it? Why put development time into this if it weren’t going to be used?

Note: If you happen to still be using v1.7.x of the app, it still looks like the “old” Dashboard with the “dots”.

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Yes… I agree this is likely. A lot of the old dashboard pages were useful enough to keep… Probably caused instability in App V2, so they were “temporarily” removed… Being optimistic and speculative here. (Which characteristic is unusual of me?)


Someone else must have been using your PC while you stepped away? :wink: Ha!

I have a healthy amount of automation still in Lights & Switches that I won’t (can’t) move to the new Smart Lighting app. Those are all mainly turning off lights after a period of time of no motion, but I also won’t move because of how that dashboard lets me see the status of all lights in a single view instead of going from Room to Room. If your optimism holds true, let’s hope that benefit carries forward.

The same applies to all the other Dashboards because SHM still lacks so much of what Damage & Danger does (and shows).

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You know Terry and optimism are antonyms, right? Don’t know if he is sick or he got tired of the old app and is ready to upgrade and is just getting excited…

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