Change v3 hub from Wifi to ethernet connection

I have a v3 hub that is currently connected via Wifi. I am thinking about changing it to an ethernet connection. I have in my mind that it may be a better connection, although I am not really having any major problems, maybe it is better off just leaving it alone.

I see where I can change wifi networks, but can I change from a wifi to an ethernet connection without a factory reset?

You can just plug in an ethernet cable. The hub will remain “connected” to wifi, but will prefer using the wired connection for as long as it’s there.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to disable wifi without a soft factory reset (definitely don’t do a hard reset). You could always connect to a fake network. IIRC even an attempt to connect to a network, for instance, using an incorrect PSK will clear the currently working network config & leave the wifi disconnected.


Great! I will connect an ethernet cable and leave the wifi as is.

Sounds simple enough…Thank you!

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OK…I connected an ethernet cable to the hub and everything seems to work fine. On my router device list, it shows both an ethernet connection and a wifi connection for the hub. No problems…Thanks again.