Change the Chanel on my Samsung Tv talking the number

​Hi, I have a Samsung tv TU7000 and I want change the chanel using alexa talking a number, but this command don’t work, but if I talk “change the volume to 25” its work. what’s happening? The problem is skil Samsung smartthing?

Must be an issue on Alexa side. Works with either Google or Bixby

Same problem with a google assistant. I believe that a problem of the Samsung Smartthings or on the tv. This model (TU7000 43) don’t have voice comand in Control, but if works when I say a number to volume, why not works for channel?

If not working for Google as well, it would be a Smartthings problem. Try deleting thr TV from the Smartthings app and then re-adding. Also make sure the TV firmware is up to date.

I tried everything, but nothing works. Do you have this TV model?

No, mine is the TU8000 (basically the same TV but with a slightly upgraded picture and ambiant mode). Both models however share the same firmware.