Smartthings TV automation? (Samsung Series 7)

I have a 7 series samsung TV with smartthings. I am currently using a logitech harmony device to turn the tv on as part of a morning routine. It switches the TV on and sets a channel, this doesnt always work though.

Is there a way to do this through the smartthings app? From looking all you can do is turn the TV on/off and change input, sound and picture settings. I cannot see anywhere if you can set a TV channel? Is this right?


Same here. My Q7 only shows the current TV Channel in SmartThings when it’s on, but there is no setting in SmartThings for the Samsung TV device to change the channel.

On another topic about Samsung TV integration with the TV tuner, I can’t get the built in Bixby in the TV to change channels with voice commands using the channel name like ABC, CBS, or NBC. However, Amazon Alexa can change the Samsung TV Channel with voice commands, ‘Alexa, change the Samsung TV to ABC’ , etc… Good thing I don’t care about Bixby at all as I use Amazon Alexa for everything anyway.