Control Samsung TV Input with Alexa?

Hi all,

Not a noob to automation, even of custom/open source kind by any means but having trouble with a documented functionality.

Just hooked up a UE50RU7100KXXU Samsung 50inch TV to Smart THings and then my Alexa via thew new (non classic) smart things skill. Alexa seems to be able to do all the functionality listed here: except for switching inputs, whether by friendly name or input name. She responds with “I’m not sure what went wrong” and that’s it…

It would be an awesome piece of functionality.

Any tips on getting it to work?

I have the Samsung Q70 QLED HDTV, and all the voice commands listed on the website work and then some.

Besides saying “HDMI1” and so on, I can even say the name of the input, “Alexa, change the Samsung TV input to Amazon Fire”, and it changes the HDTV input to the HDMI input where the Amazon Fire is connected.

And, instead of saying the channel number, I can say, “Alexa, change the channel of the Samsung TV to CBS”, and the Samsung TV channel changes to whatever channel CBS is coming in on over the air. I can even say ‘tune’ instead of channel number, “Alexa, tune the Samsung TV to CBS”.

I have to say the device name ‘Samsung TV’ that is set in SmartThings in my voice commands since I also have the Amazon Fire Recast connected to Alexa which has the same over the air channels as well which Alexa defaults to for over the air TV stations. Also, not all of the over the air network names work for me, but the primary networks do which is mostly what I watch.

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Thanks for your reply (and service)

I’m jealous. I want mine to do that :sob:. I’ve reset and run through everything again. Input switching just doesn’t work.

I dont know about your tv, but i also have the q70r, i had to get it to accept bluetooth connection from a device with smartthings on it. Once i did that all the other functions opened up. I purposely stayed away from samsung tv for a decade because I knew they were $#!T, and I finally relented and got one because of one particular issue and I have more complaints than praise about it in comparison to my Sony’s. The only thing it has over Sony is responsiveness, and a ever so slightly better pic. I want to be able to control this tv…no go through harmony, no go through http, no go through Alexa (at least how it should be), no go through smartthings(I need webcore access, so the new app is a no go). And then this excuse for a remote can barely control my Denon or roku. I am so disappointed in this over priced q70r. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: