Change icons in new app

Search ofcDeviceType there is a list somewhere on this forum

Thank you very much. I love your YouTube videos btw. I wish you would do one on device handlers. I am trying to teach myself how to write them by Re-writing the ones I can find for my devices to the new SmartThings specs. Most of them were written for the old standard.

I will be making a video on how to do that soon.

Can someone please share the list? I did a search on ofcDeviceType and I got this thread as one of few responses. No list, tho.

I’ll add since somewhat related – we need more icon options for Scenes!!! It’s so limiting as-is.

I extracted this out of the Developer Workspace a few months back. I make no claims for it, other than it is the list that was available for creating Device Profiles at the time.

UPDATE: This list has been referenced in various places so I thought it should have an update. This version was created on 9th October 2021. The ‘Device Type’ column appears in PascalCase in certain contexts. I chose to use the readable version …

Device Type ocfDeviceType
Air Conditioner oic.d.airconditioner
Air Purifier oic.d.airpurifier
Air Quality Detector
Blind oic.d.blind
Blu-ray Player
Contact Sensor
Dishwasher oic.d.dishwasher
Door Bell
Dryer oic.d.dryer
Garage Door oic.d.garagedoor
Gas Valve
Health Tracker
IR Remote
Leak Sensor
Light oic.d.light
Light Sensor
Massage Chair
Motion Sensor
MultiFunctional Sensor
Network Audio oic.d.networkaudio
Others oic.wk.d
Oven oic.d.oven
Power Meter
Presence Sensor
Refrigerator oic.d.refrigerator
Remote Controller
Robot Cleaner oic.d.robotcleaner
Smart Lock oic.d.smartlock
Smart Plug oic.d.smartplug
Smart Tag
Smoke Detector
Solar Panel
Sound Sensor
Switch oic.d.switch
Thermostat oic.d.thermostat
Voice Assistance
Washer oic.d.washer
Water Heater
Water Valve oic.d.watervalve
WiFi Router oic.d.wirelessrouter
Wine Cellar

Thank you! I have bookmarked this page…

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One more thing. Can you point me to where you found the information. I’ve been looking around in the new documentation ( no no avail.


It’s not officially documented as far as I’m aware

I logged into the Developer Workspace, went to the Device Profiles, and looked to see what device types there were to choose from when editing profiles.


Could really use a Christmas icon and a Fireplace icon. Any suggestions?

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You may want to check out and

It might be possible to change the icons on their interface.


For reference, here’s some of the Christmas icons available in SharpTools dashboards! :santa::christmas_tree:


Almost certainly it’s because you have the word “switch“ in the name of one of them.

Smartthings does have some cloudside logic That tries to guess facts about a device based on the name that you give it. This was initially done to influence the details that were given to the voice assistants, but it will happen whether you have a voice assistant linked or not.

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There was also a switch of the handler’s default ‘ocfDeviceType’ from ‘oid.d.light’ to ‘oic.d.switch’ in July 2019 which would/could/might make a difference if a couple of the devices were already paired back then and the other one is more recent.


I hadn’t paid any attention in a while, but now all of my Leviton dimmers (wall and plug-in) show with a switch icon plug-in (Den Lamp, Floor Lamp, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room) wall(Sink, Spotlight).
So something has changed again.

They should let you select your own icons…


A lot of the devices in that handler have been retrospectively fingerprinted with the ‘smartplug’ icon so they may have picked that up for whatever reason.

Being able to choose your own icons doesn’t seem like it should require a giant leap.


Like they used to do in the Classic app. :man_shrugging:


I installed a GE fan control switch. I selected the correct device type on installation. However the icon is a light. Also the device screen in the app shows infinitely variable dimming. The physical switch no longer works as a fan switch with a number of levels that you toggle through by tapping the switch lightly up or down. Instead you must hold the switch in to dim to a lower level. This is almost impossible to do. All other fans have been changed to the new icon and dimming device driver. All the fan switches don’t work properly any more.

refraining… you or ST picked the wrong device handler. log into ide and change the device handler, select z-wave fan controller.