What is the correct ocfDeviceType and category name for a stove?


For [ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver - #62 by ygerlovin I added a preference to the virtual switch that allows changing device icon.

For the Stove I’m using:
ocfDeviceType: x.com.st.d.stove
category name: Stove

but in the ST app I see only a generic icon.
I use the following for a reference

( thank you very much @orangebucket for sharing this)

What am I missing?
What would be the correct ocfDeviceType/category for the Stove?


I cannot see the icon either, and not only for Edge devices. I’ll report this to the engineering team and once I receive their feedback, I will share it with you.
Meanwhile, a similar icon that displays correctly is “Oven”.

deviceType: Oven
ocfDeviceType: oic.d.oven
deviceTypeId: Oven
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