Adding Icons where none is available

I have a few devices that there are no icons in the IOS app and would like to be able to have them. One Device is my Honeywell Thermostat, my SmartThings Temp/Humidity Sensor, SmartWeather and my IRIS Keypad. I was surprised that the two devices types from SmartThings doesn’t have them. The IRIS keypad I can understand.

Hi @joelw135, do mean there’s no icon when looking at your devices in the Things view or Rooms, like this:

If so, it’s all in how the DH was written and what’s used as the default tile. For the thermo and temp/humidity sensor, Temperature is the default, so you’ll see the value off to the right and no image to the left because the DH doesn’t use an image for that tile (just a value).

If I edit the DH for the thermostat in the example I provided above, and include an image along with the value, here’s how it changes:

Exactly most of my devices run locally, so changing the DH means custom and not run locally, So in that case I will leave it alone. I had changed the garage SmartThings Open/Close sensor to have garage door icons and submitted it but it was rejected. So I continued to use the standard DTH. Thanks for all the help.

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Im not a coder, but is it possible to add this code easily to a DTH? I would like to add icons to some multi sensors and a thermostat. I understand if it’s too much trouble if the code has to be customized for each type of DTH. I can live without it. I just wish there was an easier way to add icons to devices where I can simply browse to my icon on my phone. There are a few DTHs that will allow you to do just that.

Most devices allow this, but I was very surprised when SmartThings native temp/humidity sensor doesn’t as it uses a value. But should have a way to do it.

Yes I knew that, but I want to run local as many of my devices as possible. For me Local is very important, maybe not for others. But a ggod thing you posted this as many others might want to do it.

It’s not too difficult, and in some cases like the humidity/temp sensor, it’s just a matter of changing what the default tile is to get an icon to show up. That’s what I did for the humidity sensor where I made humidity the default instead of temp. The example @anon36505037 gave is exactly what I would have said as well, and I typically include that in the DH’s I create.

I was once in the same boat, but as more SmartApps like CoRE came along, more usage of non-ST devices (like vents, valves, and metering devices), and realizing that only a couple ST built-in SmartApps run local; I gave up on worrying about keeping things local. The promise of what “local” meant to me (and others) has yet to meet my expectations of what ST’s marketing made it out to be long ago.

My apologies if this isn’t the best place to ask this question but what’s the difference between the standard tile and the multi attribute tile?

@anon36505037 Tried this today and it wouldn’t work for me - neither the additional code or switching handler trick. Tried changing both smart weather tile devices to an arrival sensor handler and after switching them back the images were gone.

Here’s what’s I tried for the code - any insight?