Allowing Fuller Icon Library

Well, they finally started allowing us to change icons but we can only change it to two or three choices as opposed to what the device actually is. I have plugs then only allow me to change them from a light bulb to a lamp and I have dimmers that will only allow me to change it to a plug or a stereo.

What the heck? Why not allow us a full range of icons so we can actually assign what the device is doing to something meaningful. Has anyone found a way around this limitation? I can’t even assign an Alexa icon to the plug that controls my Alexa, since I have several of these devices this is a pain in the butt.

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IIRC, the icons available are currently limited to the capabilities in the DTH/Driver. Typical case of UI design being driven by the way the computer views it rather than the way the human does. :disappointed_relieved:


I’m going to have to start playing with this to figure out exactly why it is doing what it is doing or at least how. I have two devices that are identical but on one it gives me a particular set of Icon possibilities, and a completely different set on the other device. Realistically they should both be the same based on what you’re saying.

Another of those frustrations that come with this particular Hardware.

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Are they using the same DTH/driver?


I have found and fixed most of the oddities. For those with custom DTH, i just added a capability statement to get the desired icon to appear as a choice. For those using stock handlers (like Z-Wave outlets or switches) I can’t do it. I need the code for the stock handler so I can edit it or a custom generic z-wave handler.

Any ideas on that and where I could get a full list of capabilities for ST? I might want to further fine tune the icons like I did with the old app.

The lack of being able to select icons was a lot of the reason I delayed leaving the old app. I hate having no choices.

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Found a list of capabiltiies here: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

Still looking for DTH for generic Z-Wave outlet and switch or code for the stock handlers. Also, a list of current icons.

Finally had an hour or so free and rewrote a DTH to allow me to add capabilities to a ZWave DTH.

Still not understanding the randomness of the icons provided. There is a coffee machone, but no TV. You can have a sound system but not a game console or satellite box. I guess it was based on the coder’s house/needs. But why not just give me a full sheet of choices and let me pick what I want or allow me to add my own? I have several Zooz multi-plugs and I would rather have an icon that matches the device being switched than the switch itself.

I’ve been wondering if they’ve been working from a list related to matter. :thinking: I have no idea if that’s true or not, it was just a random thought I had. That would explain some of the missing device categories.

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Beats me.

It just seems easier to allow any device to use any icon. What does it matter what the category/type of the device is? That just adds additional code and gains nothing.

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They were probably the only ones the developer got the go ahead for

The rest probably needed a team meeting and Christmas stopped it

Similar limited icon set was available in the original app, perhaps a bit more encompassing. For those who don’t know, in time nothing changed :+1:

If nothing else things seem consistant

But in the original you had things like TVs, sat boxes, people, Christmas trees and a whole lot more. They were kinda rudimentary, but you could match the icon to the thing being controlled.

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