Change Ecobee mode based on open/close sensor?

(Doug) #1

I’ve tried with different thermostats and bits of other apps for months to get this to work, but there always seems to be something that doesn’t work. So here goes, can anyone help me out here?
The environment is simple, A singe open/close sensor, smartthings, and now an ecobee thermostat. (I trashed they Honeywell lyric, it wouldn’t even work in its own native app reliably)
All I want is the following
When the sensor is opened set the thermo to off and the fan to on
when the sensor closes set to auto and fan to circulate.

I’ve tried and tried but I just don’t know why I cant find this or make it work when I write it.
Can anyone help me out, give me some direction, or just point me to the code to copy?

(MarkTr) #2

Ecobee Suite includes this function in one of the helper apps.

(Ron Talley) #3

Pretty simple with webCoRE. I would just put a wait period before the HVAC turns off/on…

contact is open
With therm
Wait 5 seconds
Set Fan to circulate
Wait 2 seconds
Set therm mode to Off

contact is close
With therm
Wait 2 seconds
Set Fan to auto
Wait 2 seconds
Resume Schedule

(Doug) #4

I’m trying webCore, was just core and a lot harder to use a long time ago, if it works sweet!, and thank you.

(Ron Talley) #5

If it works, be sure to come back and mark my response as the solution!

Thanks and good luck!

(Doug) #6

works perfectly thanks.

(Ron Talley) #7

webCoRE Rocks! Glad it worked out.