Pause Ecobee thermostat when door or window is left open?

I noticed some older threads about this one, but they suggested using “Ecobee suite Manager” that I don’t think is available anymore.

I’m thinking of putting some zigbee door/window sensors around the house and setting up automation/routine in Smartthings (using stock automations) to set Ecobee mode to “OFF” when a door/window is left open for >x minutes, and then set it to “AUTO” when all doors/windows are closed.

Asking before I go out and buy a bunch of window sensors - any reason this wouldn’t work or is a bad idea with stock Ecobee driver and routine?

By the way I know that Ecobee sells their own door/window sensors that can be used to pause the thermostat (all set-up natively in Ecobee app) but they charge a subscription for that feature which I was thinking of avoiding.

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Yes, that’s doable with Routines in the ST app. What you can’t do is change Comfort Settings with the ST app since the Ecobee->ST integration doesn’t expose it. For that, I use virtual devices to trigger changes with the Alexa Ecobee Plus skill using custom actions in Alexa routines.