Change DTH to edge driver

Currently using my custom DTH with Jasco ZWave switches. I dont see any option to change the driver for these devices. Is there anyway I can convert to edge devices using the ST zwave driver?

To switch a device from DTH to an Edge driver, you would need to remove the device from ST, add the appropriate Edge driver and add the device back. To add — Add Device > By device type > Z-Wave (when any device is z-wave).

I would suggestion installing the following Edge driver for Jasco switches:

There is no way to switch from IDE, ST app, CLI or API Browser+. Please do not attempt to edit devices in IDE - whether trying to convert to Edge or devices already using Edge drivers.


Seems a bit much to redo the whole house and all automations. I’ll wait a bit to see if they get migrated automatically, even a generic zwave dimmer would be better then physically making the changes.