Edge Drivers for old zwave devices?

I was at the Jasco site looking for edge drivers. From what it read, there are zwave and zwave+ devices. The Jasco site indicated that it was not possible to create an edge driver for the old zwave device. Is this true? I have an old GE/Jasco duplex receptacle that are still on groovey. In addition, I have two old Aeotec door/window sensors still on groovey. Will edge drivers be written for them or should I consider replacing these devices?

@philh30 has an Edge driver set for a lot of the Jasco devices, both zwave and zwave+ generations.

The default beta Edge Zwave Switch driver from ST directly may work just fine for basic outlet control. You can try that too.

Model numbers matter. If you provide the model numbers and/or fingerprints from the IDE for the Jasco and Aeotec devices you’re asking about, we could help direct you if drivers already exist or if they could be added to existing ones.

That being said, if you leave them on Groovy DTH’s they may be auto migrated by ST in the near future. They may go to basic device class drivers if not matched by specific device fingerprint. We don’t know the schedule, but should be “soon” (whatever that means).

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Thanks for the reply. I have tried the default zwave switch driver and a sensor but have been unable to get it to be picked up by my Aeotec zwave door/window sensor Gen 5. It is still on groovy. I just looked at the Ge duplex receptacle and there is no model number on the front. The only thing on the front is GE and zwave (not zwave plus).
I have been unable to find phil30’s driver site. All I can find is an internet location that has information but no drivers that I can add to my smart things.

First things first: the easiest way to find custom edge drivers developed by the community is to check the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki. In this case, you would look on the lighting list:


Second, do you have a link to the page on the Jasco site which discussed edge drivers? I suspect there may have been some confusion, this stuff can get very technical. :thinking:

The zwave specification is handled by an independent third-party organization, and by design it is backward compatible for almost all basic features.

“Edge drivers“ are something that smartthings made up for itself, which is an architectural overlay over the certified Z wave implementation. There’s nothing in that which says it won’t work with basic Z wave features for even the oldest devices, and if there were, the smartthings hub would lose its certification as a zwave controller.

That said, functionality only has to be at the simplest level, on/off and dim for switches. Any additional features don’t have to be supported

So while there are definitely “zwave classic” (3rd and fourth generation) devices which have edge drivers which have been developed by the community with advanced functionality, and all certified zwave devices of any generation should work with a basic generic stock edge driver, it is possible that there are individual Z wave classic devices which don’t have a custom edge driver yet, and which have pretty limited functionality with the generic drivers.

There is an entirely separate issue involving the pre-2018 versions of Jasco switches that Has to do with synchronizing The status of a switch changed at the wall with the status that is shown in the app. There was special code in the old Groovy DTHs to handle that situation, and I’m not sure if that’s going to exist in the regular stock edge drivers or not. :thinking: but that would only apply to those specific models and only for that specific issue. Regular turning the switch on and off from a routine would still work with a generic edge driver.

So…as @csstup indicated, the first rule of home automation definitely applies: “the model number matters.“ But most of your devices should still have at least basic functionality, regardless of their Z wave generation. So that’s the good news.

Model numbers are hardly ever on the front. They are usually on a label on the back of a mains powered plug-in device, on a label inside the battery compartment for a battery powered device, and as far as a light switch/outlet, if you takeoff the switch plate cover, you should see the model number stamped onto the metal surround Part of the switch.

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Now the third thing. As far as devices which are have not yet been automatically migrated, during this current transition phase custom Groovy DTHs still have priority over edge drivers. So if you want to force a device to use an edge driver you can, but it’s a 10 step manual process and pretty annoying. And you can’t go back if you don’t like the results.

The instructions for that process are in the community edge FAQ in the third post there:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022) - #3 by JDRoberts

It’s up to you if you want to try that or not, but if you don’t go through that long process your device will just continue to use a custom Groovy DTH until auto migration happens.


I cannot begin to thank you enough for your very helpful explanations. It does put things into perspective.
FYI the model number on the Aeotec door sensor is zw120-A.


Go to Phil’s post about his drivers above (click Edge driver set).

Then click Channel Invitation to add his driver to your hub.

If you go to the IDE that I linked above you can get the models/fingerprints of your devices you already have paired with ST. Paste those here and we can assist better.

For instance, this is one of my Jasco plugins still on a Groovy DTH shown in the IDE.


I don’t know if this is still true. I’m 95% sure that I have paired devices that match both Edge driver fingerprints AND installed custom DTH fingerprints (that aren’t commented out) and they find the Edge driver first. Looking thru my devices I have several that I still have DTH’s for whos fingerprints are not commented out, but I have added more recent devices that pair with Edge - same device/fingerprint.

I think this changed after you couldn’t edit the custom DTH’s anymore.


This is a recent enough zwave plus device (500 series) from the same manufacturer that has taken over ST device production, so I would be surprised if it ends up not being supported natively by the stock drivers. The signature I can see from the alliance specifications aren’t listed in the stock beta Edge driver fingerprint list though.

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Aeotec has an Edge driver for that device.


Thanks for the response. I did contact aeotec and they stated they had no plans to provide a driver. They suggested I buy a new device or wait a long time.

Your device is listed as supported by their Edge driver in the link I cited.


Thank you!!! I had previously checked the site and that driver was not there. As you noted, it now is, and I was able to successfully add my two sensors. Many thanks again.


Thank you! I did find the site and I did load his outlet driver and now it is on edge.