Enerwave motion do not work with edge drivers

3 enerwave z-wave motions sensors running rock solid locally using built-in device handler for years on same battery. One has been running continuously since 2015

2 were auto migrated to edge and one I foolishly manually migrated by excluding and including to match the other 2

Now none of them work :frowning:

When there is motion you can see the light blink on the unit, but no messages are sent to the hub.

I have rebooted the hub several times and did a couple of Ziwave repairs.

Also, excluded and added back a couple of time.

On pair it returns battery status to hub.

Already ordered zigbee SmartThings motion sensors to replace those as it seems these motion detectors have been deprecated, not supported by SmartThings anymore :frowning:


Obviously it’s up to you, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to replace anything just yet. I think it less likely that it’s “deprecated“ and more that there’s just a glitch during what is still a beta phase and not everything is getting correctly transitioned.

If it’s just a plain Z wave motion sensor, that should work unless someone has incorrectly entered the “fingerprint“ so it’s being paired with the wrong edge driver.

I would report it to support and see what they say.

I would also note that there were some reports about 10 days ago of problems with the smartthings Zigbee sensor. I don’t think you can assume at this point that any particular device will or won’t work, or will continue working, until the transition is complete.



Thanks for the info!

Will consider

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Is there a way to switch dth back and forth?

So like pair with custom groovy and once working switch to edge?

Or if the device is on edge it cannot be changed?

You can switch from groovy DTH to groovy DTH but not from groovy DTH to Edge in IDE. If it has an Edge driver with Placeholder showing in IDE, you can’t switch it to a groovy DTH.

In order to switch, you would need to remove the device and add it back. Note: if you have a custom groovy DTH, it would install using that so if you wanted to use an Edge driver, you would need to remove the DTH.

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Okay, hmm, like it was a long time ago, but I vaguely remember that you had to pair it with a custom to get it working and then switch it to standard to get local control.

Maybe maybe not, will have to look

That was true for DTH, but edge drivers work differently. All edge drivers run locally, including custom edge drivers.

You can subscribe to a custom channel if it offers more functionality than the standard one and use that driver instead of the standard. You wouldn’t need to switch back to the standard. :sunglasses:

Been out of the loop for a few months, not sure about these channels.

Are there custom edge that provide more functionality like for zooz switches or any brand with central scene?

Are any of the enhanced functionality hardware available as edge drivers?

Remember that everything Edge is currently still in Beta. some device manufacturers, including Zooz, are working on custom edge drivers, but they have not yet released them for public beta, because they don’t want to have to deal with customer frustration because of the glitches during this early beta phase.

So eventually there will be some custom edge drivers with more functionality than the stock drivers, but most of the ones from device manufacturers aren’t available yet.

There are some that have been created by community developers, just like there were with custom Groovy DTHs.

You can find more information on all of this in the following community FAQ:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Okay, found the Zen zoon beta channel.

It turns out I had added that a while ago and had not done anythhing with it.

As a test I just uninstalled and reinstalled a zen34 remote.

Works great!

So great in fact, that before I was using association because the cloud processing was so slow, now I can use regular routines, no association and it is very fast!!!

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