Linear WD500Z-1 Dimmer Switch - Edge Driver not used?

Hi All,
Tried to convert my oldest wall switch from a DTH to an edge driver yesterday. It is continued to be picked up as a DTH but says it is running locally when I use the smartthings cli.

Looking at a list of devices with edge drivers (Is there a more recent one - last updated Oct 2022). I don’t see my manufacturer ID - but other similar ones using the generic smartthings zwave switch.

Here is the output from smartthings cli for the device as it is installed today. Any reason to try to push to have this manufacturer added to the edge profile or just leave things well enough alone?

smartthings devices --verbose b7702d94-xxxx-27984bcffdab
Main Info
 Label              Bedroom Light                        
 Name               Dimmer Switch                        
 Id                 b7702d94-xxxx-27984bcffdab 
 Type               DTH                                  
 Manufacturer Code  014F-4457-3034                       
 Location Id        xxxx
 Room Id            xxxx
 Profile Id                                              
 Capabilities       switch                               

Device Integration Info (from dth)
 Device Type Id           ea21ba57-8406-40d0-ac01-c4e46b95dc1b 
 Device Type Name         Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic         
 Completed Setup          false                                
 Device Network Type      ZWAVE                                
 Executing Locally        true                                 
 Hub Id                   xxxx
 Installed Groovy App Id                                       
 Network Security Level   ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE              


Did you go through all 10 of the steps in the following post when you tried to transition it? It’s a pain, but it’s how it’s done if you don’t want to wait for the automatic migration. :thinking:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022) - #3 by JDRoberts

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Thanks @JDRoberts I think you are pointing me to step 2 of your write-up. This device does not have a fingerprint that matches exactly - I’m just surprised because it picks up a Generic Dimmer DTH.

Is there any disadvantage to running the local DTH vs Edge driver beyond the global ST migration? The device works fine otherwise.

Looking at the github ST Beta Edge drivers they only list Go Control ones which may not work with this device. I only use it as a dimmer - others may use the other features for scenes, shade controls, etc. Therefore switch-level device profile might work if it was added to the fingerprints. This example id: 014F/5744/3530 seems to match my use.

grep -nA5 "id: 014F" st-fingerprints.yml
657:  - id: 014F/5744/3530
658-    deviceLabel: GoControl Dimmer Switch
659-    manufacturerId: 0x014F
660-    productType: 0x5744
661-    productId: 0x3530
662-    deviceProfileName: switch-level

Is there a better list of available edge drivers so I don’t go chasing unicorns?
ST has an internal list of these edge drivers and their capabilities since they need to be published - but are they avaialble to be queried/searched?

Yeah, there’s a second level match that will occur with the stock drivers based on the capabilities of the device. So, if it shows an edge driver that it didn’t have an exact fingerprint match with, that’s probably what happened. It usually means that the generic options included in the driver were too broad, or sometimes even mistyped.

I don’t know if there’s a formal procedure for reporting when a stock driver has been mismatched to a device.

If the device is working fine, personally, I would just leave it alone and let the automatic migration happen when it happens.

As far as finding edge drivers, that’s a different conversation, but if you read post one in the edge faq thread that I linked to I think it covers everything. I’ll take a look at it a little later. There’s nothing directly searchable and official, though. You have to look at the code, which is a pain.

Thanks for the info! I have a handful of both the Linear and GoControl WD500 wall switches so was wondering if they were capable of more than just the basics with a better driver. (because i just happened to try the amazing edge driver for my zigbee lamp bulbs that lets me setup fade on/off)