CES 2017 (general discussion thread)

nothing notable, other than a question at the end about discoverable data and storage of user content. Alex didn’t answer it, the August lock guy weaseled his answer out. Interesting seeing August, Google, Amazon and ST onstage as the “experts” in HA. Maybe in DIY…

Funny they had the actress from Mr. Robot talking about and showed the scene of the smart home take over and watching the 4 panelist just sweat over the security discussions.

Oh and Alex mentioned the “Works with SmartThings” concept about 4 times. That’s about it.


There was a consortium meeting at our campus here in Mountain View. That was really interesting. You are right, I do see a lot of work ahead though.

Yup. Now that we are working with people like Netgear (Arlo), Ring, Google, NVIDIA, and more that cannot be mentioned, we are held to a different kind of communication protocol. In many cases we sign agreements that control how information is disseminated from both sides. Meaning we can’t talk about it and neither can they.

What I will tell you is Samsung is not absorbing our resources in-fact they are giving us more. The relationship is constantly growing and they are still committed to us being our own brand with support from them.

As for CES, we are there, our leadership team is there and they are focused on making new partnerships. These are the things that we have learned really move the needle for our customers. Partnerships are good.


@slagle Thanks for commenting. I know the ST team has stated repeatedly that the focus right now is on stability. Can you at least tell us in more tech detail what that looks like? And if you can’t, can you at least tell us that you can’t, so we’ll stop asking. Oh, and as one more ask, I know this is down the priority list, but can you at least tell us if the migration tool is at all being worked on anymore?


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We are actually preparing an update for this as I write this. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately I cannot go into “detail” but I can say that there is some really cool and amazing work going on. It will benefit both consumers and developers in some pretty major ways. But again, we are strictly held to not go into any more detail.

Let me put it this way. I’ve learned a lot in the last two years and the thing that has stuck with me is that projects in tech come and go. Few actually come to fruition and that is the sole reason why we (me) hold back now from sharing a ton of details.

When I give a “political” answer it is not to hide anything from you and it doens’t mean Samsung is tanking us but it doesn’t help to tell you about a really awesome thing have you get excited about it and then never have it come to life. Mostly because that happens ALL THE TIME. It just happens. More than it should, I think, but it’s just what happens.

As for CES we just have different priorities this year. Just because we aren’t making any huge announcements doesn’t mean we aren’t there making strides that will benefit everyone. :slight_smile:


John there was this post on a hub migration tool earlier, though this is not official.

Unless there is a v3 hub coming anytime soon a migration tool now doesn’t feel like a priority. At this point you have most people who have already manually migrated or started off on a V2 hub. The tool is needed, but only before a V3 hub comes out or at min the same time the V3 comes out. The focus on stability is great, but I think we would like to see some better integrated device solutions coming directly from ST rather than relying on the community to build them. It would be nice it rooms looked like Things originally did which is basically what SmartTiles is now. Seeing the stuff the community has built and became very popular should push you guys to natively build these into the apps. When the community is building very useful apps like SmartTiles and Core that actually make ST way better, you would think someone at ST would catch on that its needed to be built into the actual ST app. The other major request has been to not have everyone have admin rights. A simple app preventing access to anything other than SHM and Things or Rooms shouldn’t be that hard. Heck just build and app that has access to Rooms that looks like SmartTiles and you now have an app to give to house guests or other family members that wouldn’t need full admin rights.

The community could use it as a backup tool. For example, I had my hub fail after I migrated. It wasn’t fun the first time. It was a whole lot less fun the second.


See above.

Better yet, lets just work with the developer to bring their code and creation into SmartThings.


@slagle So I just read the comment from @Dianoga here.

That does seem to clearly state that no v1 to v2 will happen. Is that the update, and correct?

You are 100% correct in the need for this that I was not considering.

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Is this the same as what Kwikset locks have? They have a radio that slides infront of the batteries. I don’t think you can actually purchase the radios separately though?

Similar design, yes.

Slide out module, in the past these have been used to enable either zigbee or Z wave automation on the lock.

Yale is the first to add HomeKit as another alternative for their existing locks . No reason Kwikset couldn’t if they wanted to, but as a budget brand they’re not quite coherent with HomeKit, so I don’t know if they want to go to the expense for retrofits.

As @jhamstead Notes below, Kwikset has come out with their own new lock which works with HomeKit.

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Respectfully, and with obvious bias, I disagree.

###SmartThings is a Platform – not just a product:

Saying that “SmartTiles [ActionTiles] and CoRE … need to be built into the actual ST App” is like saying that “Amazon Echo Alexa [i.e., native voice control] needs to be built into the actual ST App”, or that “SmartThings should manufacture and sell their own model of water valve, or button controller, or smart light bulb, or thermostat instead of requiring customers to purchase models from Fortrezz, Aeon Aeotec, Hue, or Ecobee”.

Kwikset Premis. Swap out module for Bluetooth HomeKit compatible one. Now this looks the same as the 916 deadbolt lock but is numbered 919, so there may be a few more changes.

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wait… HomeKit works with something? :wink:


I have 3 916’s and I love them.

Is there any cooperation between ST and OpenHome via iControl? They have a ZigBee device that wires to dsc or Honeywell panel to act as a “decoder”. It can send signals from types of zones which are really an open/close on the zone itself. There are a lot of ways I have read to accomplish doing this with other hardware but none that are as simple and don’t require a lot of programming knowledge, that I don’t have.

As a newcomer to ST I feel a like I might have invested in the wrong product. ST does great things but for people like me I can only look for “works with” on a product because I don’t even know where to begin with creating a device handler or knowing if the device itself will even communicate correctly to ST.


No, as far as I know we aren’t working with iControl on anything right now.

The community has about 50 years worth of reading to understand everything. By the time I learn everything ST will evolve or become obsolete. :fearful: I wish there was a better way to integrate devices or work with someone on accomplishing this.

You biasedness is the reason you are looking at it wrong. Smarthings is a product and a platform. How are you not aware that they do sell their own branded models of devices? Not everything, but they do make some and there is nothing stopping them from making more. But SmartThings also works with others as well. The old version of the app in Things was basically SmartTiles meaning the devices were tiles and you could turn them on and off by pushing them. You could also group them. If there was an ipad version of the app again, there is the basic version of SmartTiles. When I say that SmartTiles and Core should be built into the app I’m saying these are the very ideas that should have already been in the app without needing a community member to build. Using your example, I will point out that SmartTiles and Core won’t work without SmartThings but Alexa can. Without SmartThings, there is no SmartTiles or Core. Those basic functions should have already been in there. I guess I could have said the idea of them, but I’m pretty sure it was understood what I was saying. You’ve gotten really touchy about things since you’ve decided to charge for 6.0. Apple does this stuff all the time. Anything new in ios was already there from a jailbreak. There is nothing that you can really do about it, because without ST there is no SmartTiles. They can in the future should they chose to break your app from working or at anytime implement their own version of it since they had it in there originally to begin with.

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