CES 2017 (general discussion thread)

No SmartThings at CES at all.

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We’re featured throughout the Samsung pavilion, most heavily at the Samsung Appliances booth. We also were featured (although briefly) at the Samsung keynote yesterday.


And I understand ‘staying on message’ and/or the ‘ive not been told to change what ive been told’

But when you have Nvidia talking about integrating but samsung/smartthings still tight lipped, who’s controlling messaging? Smartthings twitter not saying a word, Alex’s twitter not saying a word. Yet nvidia has it blazen across their blog. Is this another case of ATi announcing they are going to be in the new PowerMac’s days before Steve Jobs keynote, and then ATi was pulled leading to almost a decade of Nvidia graphics cards in Apple computers?


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Where are they showing the Samsung TV integration with ST again?

I think there’s more to it than meets the eye. What it means is that Samsung/SmartThings released their hub firmware and detail of their back-end communication protocol to a third party. Considering all the obvious signs that Samsung has all but lost any interest in SmartThings, they may have found a new foster home for SmartThings.


If i was anyone of authority at SmartThings id be paying close attention to the atmosphere on this community at the moment . . .

We need to be going back to the days when there was a little more transparency, not deadlines and dates but a quick “we are working on this and that, keep tuned” because community spirit is currently at rock bottom and even people i class as core community members are now starting to loose faith, trust and inspiration for the platform, its obvious in the way we are all speaking about things…

Bring back the days when we had bi-weekly calls when they was always exciting news and updates and we all felt apart of something (a movement so to speak) as it stands this community is a ghost of its former exciting and inspiring self.

CES is a key date in this market for all developers, users, launches, announcements . . . In comparison its like BMW or MERCEDES not showing up to the Geneva Car Show but saying its okay because FORD had a mercedes keyring sat on a table in a booth, hid away behind a sign so we were present.

Time to pick it up SmartThings . . . Where are we REALLY at? Give us something to look forward too, something to cling our hopes on to.

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The following thread demonstrates a really positive development, though, and one that I commend SmartThings for:


Just remember that during M&A negotiations, any public comments on the subject matter are strictly prohibited, so in a way, the disappearance of Alex and silence that ensued since midsummer 2016 is an indirect confirmation that something may be brewing indeed.

@JDRoberts credit where due thats a thoughtful update procedure, especially for CoRE users, respect to ST for that…

BUT my point still stands, id expect them to be making sure updates dont efffect major community smartapps as a standard not as a special occasion… however im not been ungrateful or undermining there efforts, good work for doig so and fantastic long transparent explination is great for other developers knowledge and work processes, so kudos.

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Smartthings is now just a brand, thrown up during a keynote. I am sure somewhere someone actually said, we shouldn’t show anything at CES. We will just let others talk about our integrations.

In other words, save money by not showing at the worlds largest show for consumer electronics.

Not sure which is a bigger deal, Mariah Carey bombing on NYE, or SmartThings PR at CES failing to show up.

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I think it’s safe to say that Alexa and HomeKit (and, by associasion, Google Home) have stolen CES thunder. Don’t really see a reason why Samsung would want to keep investing in SmartThing. Sure, they may want to keep the brand, but as far as technology goes, it’s a doozy.

And even Time Magazine takes notice too:

Companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft have all vied for control over the phones we carry in our pockets, the computers at our desks, and even the watches on our wrists. But over the past year a new arms race has emerged in Silicon Valley: competing to develop the most sophisticated virtual assistant. And Amazon is winning.

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Eeeeeek that will be awkward when all the other companies are boasting about there achievements, leaps and bounds into 2017 and poor ST are been questioned about 2016 CES stuff thats not materialised…

I know i seem negative, but im just demotivated with ST atm, part of me deep down hopes alex goes on and announces stuff & discusses STs future and gets me back on the ball and inspired, but as it stands i feel dull about it all, which isnt like me, everyone used to tease me because i was the over excited, hyper motivated uk guy.


I’m confused…

Why does the video here still say “Waiting to Go Live”, when the event was supposed to be 2.5 hours ago?

ST panel with Alex starts at about 6:40 in, just rewind and watch.

If you are looking for the actual panel with SmartThings, it starts at 400:00

What units? 400:00 ??? Minutes?

The video link is over 8 hours, 47 minutes long now… https://livestream.com/accounts/687825/events/6834903/videos/146032754

If I go to the CNET link and fast forward to 400 minutes in, that is where the SmartThings, Amazon, Google and August Smart Home panel is.

6 hours 40 minutes in it starts with Alex and the panel.

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Any cliff notes? worth watching or is it softballs or ‘lofty thinking’ type of stuff?