Important changes to Community Code Submissions and Developer Discussions

It sound similar when migration tool was promised.

An a future possible post

Sorry but due stability issue, we need to go to closed platform, first the basics


Totally. All we can do is ask for your patience. We know that we’ve been saying that for a long time. We know you’ve heard this time it will be different from myself and others…

The proof is in the pudding and I get that. This time I think the pudding is especially delicious though! But it’s a pudding that is going to take a little while to set. The current state of the pudding is hot liquid… we’re just starting to put it into the fridge to set.

How’s that for a food related software development metaphor?!


No problem, I’m just kidding.

You decide what you do with your platform

When ST does not remain interesting, I will change


Right now it feels like you’re promising us chocolate and feeding us butterscotch though.

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I like butterscotch! (Especially with scotch in it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) :beers:


Well said, Patrick. My feelings exactly. I’ve heard this “wait for the great and exciting things we’re working on but can’t talk about” song many times before.

Oh, here’s another one (two month old):

… and another one (six month old):


Oh hell, I can pull up a post from 3 years ago from Ben talking about all the bs they were going to do…

I may not live in Missouri, but as far as ST is concerned, I’m in the “Show Me” state.


Look man, I appreciate the honesty, coming out clean is a good start. I take suspended over suspense… We all know nothing has been done for the review/approval of community work. We were all hoping that things will start moving. The fact that some promises will still be kept and move forward, really calls for applause. I know @ady624 has put lots and lots of hours into CoRE.

Good luck with you pudding, I hope it hardens and doesn’t end up down the drain…


Tim, if you have not already been able to read the tea leaves here, SmartThings is facing a major trust crisis with their customers. I’ve been here almost a year now, and I can’t think of a single promise that has been delivered. But there are years of “trust me” posts from members of the team promising us how great things are going to be. It’s well past time to deliver. So far SmartThings community engagement efforts have focused on what’s being taken away from us. That’s a pretty dismal track record, but sure we’ll trust SmartThings again. Why not, they’ve clearly had their customers interests at heart so far.

No personal disrespect intended, I know you’re an upstanding guy who’s stuck in a bad spot. But I have to be honest, the tone of your posts has transitioned as being from a trusted advisor to coming across as a corporate shill. The one thing we have in common is that as a customer service director for a large IT service provide I know how to put a positive spin on just about anything. It would be a matter of personal pride, at least to me, if I had to spend years making excuses for my companies lack of execution. I would be pushing my team so hard to deliver they either would, or I would end up being fired for pushing too hard.


Yeah, Ben was one notorious fabulist. But I’m just curious. So apparently, they’ve been working on this great thingy (or pudding), whatever, for at least six month now. It requires so much resources that they had to cancel migration tool and Bluetooth, stop reviewing community code and cancel developer calls. Boy, this thing must be truly epic to justify all these sacrifices. I’m itching in anticipation. :smile:


It’s like having constipation, err. The anticipation… Wait if the opposite of participation is?

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Not trying to be a fanboy… cause I’m not… I love driving the bus… but hey…

Who remembers the March Meltdown of 2016? I certainly do…

Now, who can honestly say that their system is not MORE stable NOW than it was a year ago?

While not perfect… it’s still a whole lot better…


I vaguely remember a guy named Ben… a real fanboy right?

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My best guess is a corporate acquisition. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if these “efforts” are aimed more at making the company more attractive for a buyer.


That’s what makes me worried. Considering that even smallest update (neither hub firmware, nor cloud platform) has ever gone smoothly, can you imagine what kind of havoc this “great and exciting” change that they’re purportedly working on would cause?

those are better too… lol…

hmmmm, the hub that shall be named (wink) was called the winkining…

I wonder what it will be called when ST does it…

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More like VP and founder of SmartThings. :smile:


I remember, I came in at the very tail end of that. It was annoying. But I also came from Iris V2, so as bad as that was for your guys, it was actually much worse where I came from. There’s only so many nights when the family can be woken at 3am with lights and sirens going off only to have no control over the system. And the nights when that didn’t happen it was because 90 devices spontaneously unpaired overnight taking days to recover from. Neither of those examples were one-time occurrences either.

Since this is a Samsung product… something has to explode and catch fire.


I wonder if his desk is still there…