Centralite Zigbee 4256050-ZHAC Lamp Appliance

So I’m converting from my xfinity equipment. I have these Lamp Appliances paired and working, just a couple of weird things I wanted to see if others had. When I first pair, the dimmer defaults to 0, but the on/off does work. If I use the button on the lamp appliance, the app does not update. If I slide the dimmer to 100, then toggle from the App a couple of times, then push the button on the Lamp Appliance, still no update, but go to app and hit refresh, then toggle a couple more times, then wholla, it all starts working.

If I do this for each device, I had 9 of them, all the same, I eventually get them in sync, I can on/off from the App and on/off from the Lamp Appliance and all stays in sync.

That just didn’t really make sense to me, any reason for that? Will it keep working?

The second thing was the dimmer works, so I can set a lamp to say 50%, all is great, then I toggle the Lamp off from the App, lamp turns off, still great, then I turn the lamp back on, and it will go to 100%. It doesn’t remember the 50%. Is that stored in the lamp appliance, or can I get the source for Zigbee Dimmer Power and add support for this? I’ve never persisted values in a Groovy Device Handler, not sure if you can, thoughts on this?

I like to keep certain likes always at like 60%, like my outdoor lights.

Otherwise all is working

I started using the device type Centralite Dimmer. The code on github says this will be deprecated and things should work fine with the generic ZigBee Dimmer Power, but with that one everything works fine except I don’t think it knows how to read he current power level correctly, so your slider gets out of sync and makes things weird.

So now I’m back to Zigbee Dimmer Power because my routines would not cut off lamps with the Centralite Dimmer as the device type, so routines failing and lights not cutting off was worse than the dimer being wrong.

How did you get yours to pair?
I can’t even get mine to be seen by the hub

You have to hold down the power button while plugging it in, then wait a second, then let go, then it should get discovered. It will just say a thing and say it doesn’t finish, then you have to go to the dev portal, find the thing, and manually change the device handler type

I was able to get a lot of these to work with the v1 hub but so far no dice with v2.

Ok, heres the trick to pairing! Hold down the button as you plug it in, but release the button as soon as the green light comes on!

I was holding it in, plugging, waiting for a green light blink, and then releasing. That doesnt work.

Why does it give me this error?