Centralite 3385001-RZHA issues

I purchased a SmartThings v2 Hub and started to switch over all my xfinity gear to work with it. I have everything connected and working. I got the Thermostat working with some code from the forums, will publish later, and for all the Centralite Lamp Modules, the generic Zigbee Dimmer Power power profile seems to work.

So I also paired my switches I have in the walls, that is the Centralite 3385001, they have a dimmer version and a switch version, this issue is with the switch version, I don’t have any dimmers.

They pair and connect, I use the generic profile Zigbee Switch Power. When I first pair them, all works. I can use the App to turn the lights on/off, and I can also use the switch in the wall and turn the lights on/off, and the App updates when I use the wall switch. I was like, AWESOME!, it all works!

I paired all 3 and then the issues started.

I can still control them from my phone no problems, and status on the phone updates when I use the phone, but…

The switch on the wall no longer works. If you press the walls witch, the lights turns blue, then it does nothing. You cannot control the lights with the switches anymore… But when I first paired each time it would work like once or twice.

If I remove/un-pair the device, the wall switches start working again.

I tried pairing them all again and the issue comes back.

I created a custom device handler based on master source for Zigbee Switch Power and tried to run with debug. When I push the button on the wall, I do see in logs a message that cannot be parsed. I tried to mess around and create and on/off event based on that message, but could not make it do anything.

So this was almost a great night and success, but not being able to use wall switches is a show stopper. I at least only have 3 of them, so not terrible to replace, but would rather not.

Anyone have any ideas?

I just gave up and bought the GE modules, they work and pair great, much easier

I picked up a couple of these for a few bucks, has anyone messed with these?

Hey I’m having the same problem find any results ?

Anyone found the solution to this problem?