CentraLite Azela - Zigbee HA - Switches and Modules

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FYI - I saw a post from Mrtripp1117 on 1/17 under the ‘Updated List…’ Thread.
So, I picked up a couple of the Appliance Modules 4256050-RZHAC off ebay for < $20 each shipped.
Looks like some of these are part of Comcast’s Xfinity Home Automation.
The Azela says HA with a post I saw their Jetstream was proprietary.
The Azela specsheet has Dimmer and Relay Switches and Lamp and Appliance Modules (below).
The Appliance Module says it senses current and a ZigBee Power Amp which I assume is a repeater.
I paired one right up with the Android app and then went to the IDE to change the device type -
to find a CentraLite Dimmer, Switch and Thermostat devices … and a bunch of other stuff - take a look.
after less than a day of ‘use’ it appears to be working fine except the Device Events List seems different -
I have to List for the Device.
If anyone else has experience or comments on these CentraLite devices let’s gather them here.
Maybe the keymaster already has some of these since they are in the list but more info could help us all out.
my2cents for now.
PS. I have the Module on my 12W LED NanoLeaf 100W bulb.

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This PM I can report the android app is not in sync with the device status.
Could be a cloud problem.