Centralite 3 Series Plug Lamp and Appliance Zigbee $20 AC

Lamp 3100 (dimmable)

Appliance 3200 (1440 watts)

$20 each after coupon code SMARTMOD


Thanks! Great deal!

Beats SmartThings clearance price on these :open_mouth:!


Is there a way to cross link this to deals category? Was just posting the same deal when I noticed it was posted here. Didn’t want to double post.


Bummer I missed this.

Started a thread to post Amazon.com deals. Maybe these can be migrated over.

Where on Amazon are you able to enter the promo code??

Edit: Found it on the checkout page… but it’s expired already. So now my question is how do you find out about that promo code?

Fyi I got my notice here:

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Regarding the Lamp 3100 if it is used to control a dimmable LED light it will not turn all the way off even when the app reads off and 0%. Though it does turn all the way off with an old regular light bulb.

Mine arrived today. Can’t seem to get the Z-Wave repeater to pair up though. Anyone have success with it? I have the Zigbee part paired and working, can turn the plugs on and off. Just not the Z-Wave part.

If you just bought the CentraLite models above they don’t come with a Z-Wave repeater like the Lowe’s Iris models. They are ZigBee only.

The CentraLite appliance model above reports as:

manufacturer: CentraLite
model: 4257050-RZHAC

The Iris model reports as:

manufacturer: CentraLite
model: 3210-L

That’s what I got. Thanks. Really needed them for ZigBee repeaters, the Z-Wave would have been a nice addition though.

Picked up two. Not a bad deal.

Being a 3-prong outlet dimmer, be careful not to plug in an appliance. Most outlet dimmers are only 2-prong for safety reasons.

That’s why they make magic markers.

They now have the appliance and dimmer module in stock at My Digital Discount. One for $24.90, two for $40.