Centralite Temperature / Humidity - driver problem

Hi all,

Picked up this device off Amazon to use for some temperature monitoring:

When I pair it, it appears to pick up an Edge driver (I presume - it’s “placeholder” in the IDE) called “Centralite Multipurpose Sensor”. Problem is, it’s a buggered driver - the tile shows what I think is the battery %, and when I open the device to see the details, there is just a status that says “connected”, with no menu, not even a back button to let me out - I have to close and re-open the app to do anything else.

Any idea how to set this up with a more appropriate driver?


I’ve seen that once before with the mobile app. I don’t think it’s a driver problem though. I have 2 of those working fine with edge. It could just be a very long delay with ST in configuring. Does it still look that way in the app? If so, if you long press on the device, does “edit” show up? If so, try that and delete the device from the hub and try again.

Also, go to https://my.smartthings.com to check if you see the same

Thanks. I deleted and re-paired, and this time it configured and is fully accessible. It was probably hung up in pairing/configuring.

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