CentraLite Switch aka Smartthings Outlet Power Reporting Broken?

Maybe @urman can help… The CentraLite Switch is supposed to have a power meter, showing the current draw on the outlet, but the devicetype doesn’t seem to handle it at all?

Is this a supported function? Will it ever work? Would be nice to be able to program off of increases or decreases in power draw.

Power metering requires ember firmware version 1.5.4. PM me your account email and I’ll update you.

Pretty soon here we’ll be marking PIC 11.705 and ember 1.5.4 as the current firmware versions so that hubs will auto update appropriately.

Sent. Thanks. (Insert comment here)

Reporting power now. Cool. Thanks for the amazing support. Every no and then we need to step back and realize just how good support is around here… Don’t believe me… Try the competition :smile:


I have, why do you think I am here (BIG SMILE). Yes I TOTALLY agree with you that SmartThings Support really rocks. Frankly if companies would just realize that support is in fact the biggest customer facing part of their business… We would all be happier people… Well except for Comcast… Nothing you can do to help them…(SMILE)

I ordered smartthings not knowing it was cloud only. When I found out, I proceeded to contact support to verify, and cancel my order. My experience with them over several exchanges was so exemplary, I figured why not give it a try.

My experience with support over the last several months has not deviated from that initial impression.

While there have been a few bumps along the road with insufficient documentation and some stability issues, the quality of communication I have had with every representative of this company has been among the best I have ever experienced.

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Yes, I agree with you. I was concerned when I realized that no commands were handled locally. I hate relying on someone else infrastructure and of course there were security issues at play here as well. But. like you I had great response from support and that made me re-think my initial assessment. Other than the few hiccups (schedules not firing etc.) I find that I am really enjoying the experience and just being able to write your own apps or use others who are kind enough to share with the community, makes this system worth every penny

Are you guys talking about the CentraLite 4256050-ZHAC or a newer one? Still trying to get CentraLite 4256050-ZHAC to report power.

Same Here, just want to put a vote in. I got it reporting power with some dirty code, but cannot seem to get the dimmer functionality working.

@Tyler I know this is an old thread BUT I’ve got a bunch of these Centralight modules. They’re all working great and reporting properly but only one seems to have updated to the proper “ember FW” as it’s the only one reporting power consumption properly. Can you help me update the others manually? Thanks!

The solutions in this thread aren’t useful anymore. The firmware that’s being talked about is your hub firmware, and all hubs have been upgraded past the version mentioned.

If you’re having issues with your SmartPower Outlets please contact support@smartthings.com.


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