Is power reporting broken?

I have a smart app that relies on power reporting from a smart outlet. This app stopped working a couple of days ago. I tried unplugging the device, resetting the device and adding it as a new device and rebooting the hub (V1). I then noticed the same behavior on another smart outlet that I have.

Basically, the devices either do not report the instantaneous power, or take a very long time (30 minutes +) to report the current power. On / off control works fine.

Has anyone else noticed an issue with power reporting from the SmartThings smart outlet?

It might help if we knew what " the devices" are.
If it was reporting and now isn’t either it is malfunctioning, or something happened with the app or device handler to have it only reporting every 30 minutes

Sorry, I thought the last line in my post would be more clear:

And it’s not reporting every 30 minutes, it is reporting the power change event more than 30 minutes late. It used to report the power change instantaneously (within a second or two). This is using the standard DTH from SmartThings. On/Off seems to be reported instantaneously, just not power.

A simple test would be to go to the device page for a smart outlet, and turn the attached device on / off while the smart outlet itself is turned on, and check if your power reading on the smart outlet page changes when you turn the attached device on and off. On mine, the power does not change as it used to.

FYI my similar plug-in outlet (I think it’s an Iris/ Centralite C3210L) updates from 0 to 0.1w after 5 to 14 minutes, typically. This outlet uses the standard ST device type “SmartPower Outlet” .

so I don’t think power reporting is broken in this aspect.

I was having the same issue with a PEQ plug. I changed the device handler to Zigbee Switch Power and instant power reporting returned.

Thanks! From the quick test I was able to do remotely, it seemed to work better. That probably means that the “standard” DTH has changed recently… I’ll do some more tests this evening.

I have SmartThings outlets and iris outlets and use the dth “smart power outlet” which is what shows up when I pair them.

They report power changes less than a second.

But it is my understanding that power data is pushed to the hub from the device, not pulled and that the reporting frequency is set in the device once, when the device is paired to the hub with the configure command.

ST did something in their backend recently that broke the custom Iris DTH. The power is updating in the tile but won’t log in the event. I ended up switching them to smart power outlet as well.