SmartOutlet and local lamp control? Is support site correct?

So, I’m reading through support site and I stumbled upon this regarding the SmartOutlet:

“One of the great features of these controllable outlets is that they can sense if someone is trying to manually turn the light on at the lamp, and even if the outlet is off, it will turn on in response. Give it a try.”

If I read this correctly, if someone uses the switch on the actual lamp itself, the SmartOutlet will detect that physical action and turn on power?

If this is true, why isn’t that mentioned on the product page? That seems to be a pretty great feature.

oops! Thats only for the Centralite Lamp module right now, not the Centralite Appliance (SmartPower Outlet) I removed that paragraph from the support page.

What’s the Centralite Lamp module? Where can I get it? That function is awesome and would work well with my elderly in-laws.

not quite out yet. I’d like to target next month for its availablility, but can’t promise.

The GE Lamp Modules also support it, but we can’t turn it on yet :S

So, is there a module that would also have dimming capability out there? I was rereading some older posts and I saw you mentioned lamp module vs appliance (I assume that is dimming vs non-dimming). Can I purchase that Centralite Lamp module? Is that this?

I can’t seem to find it in shopping searches.

nope those are all old

We will be selling the lamp module as soon as we can finish these firmware rollouts. Could take up to two or three weeks.

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Any update on when the lamp module will be available? It is available under the PEQ brand ( Will that work with the SmartThings hub?

Saw some PEQ items at BestBuy… had to do a double take as they look very much like SmartThings. almost bought one to see if it would pair