ZigBee Wireless Sale: Centralite Appliance or Lamp Module

Via Slickdeals, MyDigitalDiscount via Amazon is having a Zigbee Wireless Sale on select products as listed below. Shipping is free w/ Prime or on orders $35+.
*Add two to cart, then use promo code.

2-Pack Centralite 3200-Series ZigBee Plug-in Appliance Module
$34.99 w/ promo code SDAPPMOD
2-Pack Centralite 3100-Series ZigBee Plug-in Lamp Module
$34.99 w/ promo code SDLAMPMO
2-Pack Visonic MCT-340 E 2,4Ghz Wireless Door Window Sensor
$17.99 w/ promo code SDSENSOR
2-Pack Bosch Pro-Grade ZigBee Wireless Motion Detector ISW-ZPR1-WP13 (Requires Samsung SmartThings Hub)
$25 w/ promo code SDMOTION

Anyone know if these motion detectors are any good. Price is not bad but it says you have to create the DTH for it. Anyone out there tried one?

I’m curious about the same. I have no issue creating a DH, but I don’t want a motion sensor that stays active for 3 minutes past no movement like some others. I generally stick to the lowes iris ones, but this is a decent deal (big and ugly though).

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Agreed, they are not much on looks.

I’m curious about the alleged SD discount codes listed. Since the prices quoted are the price without any codes of you choose MDD as seller & free shipping instead of Amazon with Prime shipping.

The quoted 6 year battery life seams awfully optimistic

Agreed, I laughed out loud when I read that.

Does anyone know if the Plug-in Appliance Module are same as the Centralite 3210-L which also has a z-wave repeater?

I use the door sensors as a cheap alternative to temperature sensors with my smart themostat. I have one of these sensors in every room of my house. Can’t beat the price and the battery seems comparable to the Samsung Multi Sensor.

Here is the DTH I use to make they a dedicated temp sensor.

AFAIK these are the standard ZigBee only Centralite , the same ones ST sells as their own. They do not appear to be the ones with the extra Z-Wave radio like the ones from Lowe’s

It should be noted that this deal was originally posted over at SD by one of the lady mods; as you can see by the links and embedded referral codes.

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The coupon codes work like buy one get one free. The listed price is the same for 1. If you add a second and use the code it is free.

While the Bosch Motion sensors are 2 per order with the coupons, you can purchase more then 1 order, but the Visonic door/window sensors with coupon are limited to 1 order of 2 per account.