WTB: Centralite/smartthings zigbee lamp module

I have one of these and need a second one to control a second matching lamp. Any of these still out there?

They’re out there, but a good alternative are the GE zigbee wall plugs. It uses the same device handler, it runs local, and it shows power consumption.

Amazon has them on sale too:

The one you have linked is the on/off module, the dimming lamp module is here:

Thanks folks - I want the centralite one for its physical profile - the side plus’s are problematic due to cord concealers above the outlet.

I do have a new PEQ Lamp module (made by Centralite) that I would sell for $25 plus shipping. You can see details here on Amazon. They don’t make them anymore. PM me if interested.

Assuming you don’t need the rare dimmer version, here is a great deal from a reputable seller.

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