Centralite has 20% off the Pearl Thermostat for 4th of July sale

20% off the Pearl Thermostat (ZigBee, works with SmartThings). It has cap touch controls and it’s available in white and black.

The discount code is COOLSUMMER4. You enter it during checkout. Code only works through July 5th.

Store Link: https://store.centralite.com/products/pearl-thermostat

I have this in white. I found it on eBay for $40 brand new last summer. Still works good.

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Does this require any third party support or can I just join it to my hub and ST will know about it?

It’s has a ZigBee radio and will connect directly to the SmartThings hub. No 3rd-party or cloud-to-cloud integrations necessary. It joins and shows up as a thermostat in the ST app.

I have two. One downstairs (from Best Buy). One upstairs (from e-bay). they work with Smartthings, Alexa, and Me. FYI, I believe the Pearl thermostat was the thermostat of choice in the Smartthings Smart Home.