Centralite Touch Thermostat $65

Noticed this on slickdeals

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Resurrecting this since it’s back on sale for $66 at MyDigitalDiscount. They have a few other ZigBee items on sale, I am using the motion and open/close sensors - each have thermometers.
Btw I modified the CentraLite Thermostat Device Handler for the Pearl thermostat to limit the sliders to 50-90’ and color coded the heat/cool modes as well as the FanOn setting. These small changes make the ST device panel much easier to use.
I am using the Pearl Thermostat with Alexa and several SmartApps, so far very happy with it.

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What device handler are you using? I can’t seem to get mine to pair. Thanks.

I was able to use the “CentraLite Thermostat” device handler.

I’m sorry. I haven’t had time to mess with this. I cannot find a device handler or an option in the ST app. Do you have a link to the Device handler you are using?