Centralite pearl thermostat

I am having an issue with my centralite pearl thermostat. It just stopped working. It shows that it is on and working on the display but in my smart things app it shows that it is off and I cant get my unit to turn on. Has anyone had this issue before?

I am having this same problem, but only with the new app. The SmartThings classic app works just fine with it. Is anyone else experiencing this? The device shows in my list of devices (on new app), but when I touch it, it says “Can’t connect to device.”

Same here, Classic app sees it just fine, but new app can’t connect.

Same issue. Classic app sees it, new app sees it but cannot connect

Same here. Was working with old app then just recently nothing. Looks to be connected but will not respond to smarthings anymore.

Does anyone have a device handler that works with this since Smartthings has excluded the centralite pearl thermostat?

I have two working on the old app, still waiting on a solution for the new app.

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One bad battery spoils the whole bunch I take. Replaced all with new ones and back in business!