Ceiling Fan Guru [Beta]

This Beta is the initial release of my new SmartApp Ceiling Fan Guru. I’d be very interested in your feedback on this app.

Ceiling Fan Guru Overview

This is a SmartThings App that turns ceiling fans on when too warm, and off when comfortable or away. You can specify under which modes ceiling fans will operate and how long a period of inactivity will turn the fan off. To implement separate zones, install separate named instances of the app. Learn more at LawsonAutomation.com.

Required Devices

  • SmartThings-supported temperature sensor or thermostat
  • SmartThings-controlled ceiling fan(s)

Optional Devices

  • Motion sensor(s)


To run this app you must cut and paste it into the SmartThings IDE as a new project and then publish it to your SmartThings hub from there.


Settings in Detail

Ceiling Fans

These fans will turn on when the inside temperature exceeds the specified set point and the other condition described below are met. The speed and direction of a ceiling fan must be set on the fan itself as this app assumes a simple on/off switch

Temperature Sensor

This is an indoor temperature sensor used to control the ceiling fans.

Motion Sensors

If there is motion for any of these sensors, motion is considered to be present. This sensor is optional.
Inactivity Minutes
When no motion is sensed for this amount of time, the ceiling fans are turned off.

Operating Modes

The mode(s) in which ceiling fans are permitted to turn on per this app. For example, a ceiling fan in a living room typically only operates during the ‘Home’ mode. A ceiling fan in a bedroom typically only operates during the ‘Night’ mode. Multiple modes may be selected. User defined modes are supported. If no Operating Mode is specified, the Home mode is assumed.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have some ceiling fans associated with one or more motion sensors and some that are not,
  • install separate instances of Ceiling Fan Guru for each grouping of motion sensor.
  • Likewise, if some ceiling fans operate under different modes, such as living room versus bedroom ceiling fans, install separate instances of Ceiling Fan Guru for each grouping of operating mode.
  • If you manually switch off a fan, it will stay off until the next natural off/on cycle occurs.

I am trying to understand the difference between your “Ceiling Fan Guru” smartapp and just using the built-in SmartThings Virtual Thermostat since it appears this is only single speed fan control and not the typical 3 speed fan control application correct?

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You are correct. It didn’t occur to me to use virtual thermostat for that purpose. I will give it a try and withdraw the beta request if it works for me.

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Just a follow up on this: After playing with SmartThings Virtual Thermostat a bit I found a couple small bugs. Virtual Thermostat only responds to temperature changes. This means that if the initial state of the my ceiling fan should be on, but it is currently off, it won’t turn on until the temp changes, which could be a long time. The second bug is similar in that if I manually turn the fan off while it’s running (let’s say my son is playing with a helium balloon), at the next temperature change the fan will turn on again. My app doesn’t have these problems. I think the best approach is to file bug reports on Virtual Thermostat and hope it gets fixed. Dalec, what’s your take on this? Is there some precedent for folks like me mucking with ST apps and submitting fixes?

In light of the aforementioned minor bugs/features in Virtual Thermostat, I will leave Ceiling Fan Guru available in GitHub so anyone who wants to use it can.

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@JDRoberts would say choice is good. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile: