3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat Motion Issues

I just got a GE In-Wall Zwave fan controller (model #12730) and am using the 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat app to control it. I’m having an issue with the motion turning it off. I can walk into the room and the fan will turn off but it never turns off. Anyone out there having the same issue and know how to fix it? I’ve tried two different motion sensors - the Iris Motion Sensor and the Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6. Any help is appreciated.

What Automation are you using? Can you show us a screenshot of it?

Also, what exactly are you using as the trigger to turn it off? If it’s inactivity on the motion sensor, it’s possible that the breeze from the fan will be enough to keep the motion sensor continually reporting active.

What do you mean by what automation am I using? I can share a screenshot once I understand the question.

In the app, there is an option in the settings to use motion to turn it on and off. The motion sensor does show that the motion has stopped. I would assume if the motion sensor shows there is no motion, it would not be reporting as active. I also did test out using a motion sensor in the closet where there isn’t a fan and it still didn’t turn off.

Here is what I’m looking at in the app:

In SmartThings, rules are called automations. For example, you are creating a smart lighting “Automation” if you use that to set up a rule that motion will turn on a light.

OK, so what specific Smartapp is that screenshot from? It looks like that one is expecting to control the thermostat, not to turn the fan off directly. Most ceiling fans don’t have thermostats, so using a thermostat Mode Change wouldn’t turn off the fan.

Got it. Thanks. Yeah, the app is called 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat. Here’s the code I got:

OK the GE fan control switch is not a thermostat. It’s just a variable speed fan controller. So it’s not going to work with the smart app that is designed to act like a thermostat unless you have also added a temperature sensor. Do you have a temperature sensor device as well?

The motion sensors are where I am getting the temperature from. In this case, it’s the Aeon Labs Multisensor 6.

I’m not familiar with that specific smartapp, the best thing would be to ask in the author’s thread. ( this is a clickable link)

People there should be able to help you.

Great! I’ll reach to him on that thread. Thanks!

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I’m experiencing the issue you described, although on the 4 speed version of the app (4 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat - ZigBee) . Can you tell me did you resolve the issue?