On/Off Fan Based on Temp & Presence?

I have 4 Ge 12727 z-wave for ceiling fans. Now that I have them installed I would like to automate their on/off function. I’m not interested in speed control as all our fans stay on medium 99% of the time. For the other 1% I’m perfectly content to pull the chain.

What I’m looking for is an app that will evaluate a couple of things. First what is the temp based on Ecobee3 and second is anyone home. I’ve looked a virtual thermostat but I don’t think it will do what I need. I want the fans to be triggered if the house is in home mode and temp goes 75 or higher. I want the fans to go off when away mode is triggered and then back on again when mode changes to home again assuming the temp is currently 75 or higher.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help…

I use [RELEASE] 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat for my living room fan, it doesn’t use presence but I use the motion sensor to keep it on or off. You can use it without motion and run it in only home mode though. I use rules created in RuleMachine (I’ll probably put them into Core eventually) for my bedroom fans that run off presence of specific people because this smart app won’t do that. I don’t have motion sensors in the bedrooms and even if I did they would shut off while sleeping.

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Thanks Daniel,

I posted a question to that thread to see if this app will fit my needs.

In the meantime I’m open to evaluating other recommendations if anyone has others.

I use my lowes motion sensor which also has a temp sensor. It’s in my upstairs hallway so I have certain temps trigger my bedroom fan on and off. I think I use Rule Machine to trigger that but it’s not available anymore. I have a ecobee3 as well but don’t integrate it with smartthings.

I’d use CoRE. Fun to learn and has super powers .

Well, I tried virtual thermostat as was recommended to me. It will perform the required function…Almost.

Here is the problem.

The Ecobee is only going to report it’s temp when there is a change to report and Virtual Thermostat doesn’t check to see what the temp is. It just waits until there is an update from the Ecobee and then takes action.

So this really doesn’t work for me. When I arrive home the house mode will change from Away to Home. The fans will then not turn on until there is a change in temp after the mode change even if it were 80 degrees when I walk in. What I’m hoping for is that when the mode change happens check to see if the temp meets threshold and act accordingly.

So any suggestions on how I resolve that issue?

I reported that bug to ST staff a while ago, they didn’t even care to respond.

Some options to consider:

  • Use CoRE by @ady624 and that could do exactly what you are looking for.

  • Modify the Virtual Thermostat smartapp to do what you want it to do.

  • Change out the GE wall switch for the GE Smart Fan Control and upgrade to 3 speeds. You might be surprised on how the fan use could change when it’s done automatically.

That is interesting use. I don’t use presence because it has been real unreliable for me but I’ll look at adding that in this week.

Thanks for the suggestions.

At present I’m spending 60 plus hours a week caring for my mom who has Parkinson’s and just haven’t had time to make any attempt to learn writing or modifying smart apps so that’s really not an option for me.

I’ve thought about trying CORE but am concerned that it requires more of a learning curve than I have time for also. From what I have read so far it seems it can be confusing to use.

Swapping out switches really isn’t an option either. I’m getting into dangerous territory with better half acceptance already. It might not survive additional power interruptions for wiring.

You have any thoughts about SmartRules? I have read that it’s very easy to configure.

I don’t have any personal experience with it but from what little I know and I have seen it can also do your control sequence.

If you ever consider giving CoRE a go, just install the app, go in and Add a new piston, choose Simple under Piston mode. Tap on IF, Add a condition, use Temperature Measurement as a capability, select your Ecobee3, pick a comparison, is above, enter 75 degrees in there. Tap Done, Add a condition, Choose Location Mode as capability, select the “is” comparison, select the “Home” value, tap Done, Done again. Go to Then, add an action, Control fans, select your fan, tap Done, Add a task, Turn on. Done, Done, go to the ELSE branch, add an action, Control fans, select your fan, tap Done, Add a task, Turn off. Done, Done, Done and you should now have your piston setup. Please let me know how that works.


Thanks very much for the detail info sir.