Routine/SmartApp to automatically turn on/off a fan in a kid's room


I think this would be a simple request/action, but I cannot find anything in the current offerings (routines or smartapps) that support it. I have my kid’s room set up with an ecobee sensor and also a GE smart switch for his fan (simple on/off, I’m not worried about or trying to control the various fan speeds). I was hoping to achieve two things:

(1) If/when the temperature in my kid’s room goes above 78 degrees (i.e. the ecobee sensor rises to 79 degrees or higher), it automatically turns on the fan (i.e. triggers to turn on the GE smart switch for the fan).

(2) If/when the temperature in my kid’s room goes below 70 degrees (i.e. the ecobee sensor drops to 69 degrees or lower), it automatically turns off the fan (i.e. triggers to turn off the GE smart switch for the fan).

Can anyone recommend a routine/app (or two routines/apps) to achieve the above? I would have thought this would be something that could easily be done in the standard routines or the Smart Lighting SmartApp, but both of them do not allow you to use temperature to trigger an action. Additionally, I did not believe any of the current “climate” smartapps allow you to achieve the above.


WebCoRE can do it…

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WebCoRE will certainly do it - and MUCH more… It’s my personal preference. But if you’re more of the SmartApp type, this might also work:

Thanks for all of the responses. I’ll try WeCoRE.

Here you go -turn device on at a certain temperature setting, turn off at another temp setting-
Create new smartapp—> from code —> copy-paste the whole thing–> save—>publish for me

Sorry if there´s some Finnish push-notifications still in the code, edited them out (or tried to get them all)
If you are controlling in Celsius change the two “F” variables to "C"
Fancontrol.src @ github

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Just in case webcore wasn’t your cup of tea (or someone else found this by search the way I did)… there is also this…