Ubiquity UniFi Video Cameras

Anyone had any luck getting video - or even just a static image refreshed every so often - from a UniFi Video device? I have several UVC Dome cameras running into a UniFi NVR. Looks like RTSP is an option on the UniFi side, but I don’t see anything immediately available for RTSP in SmartThings.

I seems the NVR has a webAPI available as well, so I’ll start playing with that, but didn’t want to necessarily recreate something that someone else already solved.

Anyone have any of these devices working in ST? Suggestions or ideas on things we could do with camera/video integration.


Just found this: [RELEASE] Generic Video Camera DeviceType, Yes, Live Video Streaming

In case anyone else stumbles in here. Looks promising. Will try this weekend.

SmartThings does support RTSP and MJPEG streams. You can use the SmartApp linked above for a video stream and this DeviceType to take still images. Depending on the commands which are available for the camera you can also do much, much more. Check out my D-Link device manager for some examples of extended functionality: