Smart CCTV camera

(Davood Bonyad) #1


This is not necessarily directly related to SmartThings, but I know you guys are smart home and device experts and might have some ideas.

I’m looking for a video/CCTV camera with some smart features. It does not have to integrate with SmartThings, I’m more interested in how intelligent the camera actually is. I’m looking for features like (it does not have to include all of these, but just to give you an idea of what I’d want):

  • Recognition of human shapes for more accurate motion detection.
  • Recognition of unusual activities (e.g. jumping over a fence or running) v.s. people generally walking around.
  • Counting of number of people.
  • Identifying and storing faces of people.
  • Internet connected via either wifi or ethernet.
  • Recording video clips on itself or online.
  • Notifications when something unusual happens (by email, push, text or anything).

I’d be open to an indoor or outdoor type, just looking for something over and above the typical standard features.


(Davood Bonyad) #2

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?