CCTV into smartthing Non POE


My CCTV system doesn’t work on POE. It’s fed over coax. In short this means I can’t tie each camera down to an IP address.

Has anyone got any ideas hows this can be achieved?


As far as I am aware even poe Cctv can’t be incorporated, at least not officially, a long omission that will probably never get proper full integration

On the upside onvif cameras can be included in an app called home remote


I was wanting to use action tiles.

I’ve no idea about onvif. I do know CCTV cameras can be pulled in where each camera has its own IP address.

If you could elaborate how I would be interested to hear

Always interested in camera integration

I’ve never got it to work as it’s for cameras that operate POE i think. You may also need somthing like action tiles as i don’t know how this comes into the new ST app.

Yup, that’s an old integration using the now defunct classic app, since the new app got shoved at us there has been no poe/ip integration, only official cameras from Samsung and Google

As ST have stated that the IDE is going away later this year, any custom app if not hosted by the developer will cease to work

I am all for camera integration as many others are, but if it ever happens minimum spec would be poe/ip, I can’t see how coax could be integrated ?

So we won’t have access to the IDE anymore?

That basically shuts ST down?

What about Konnected?

No it does not shut down ST but only official integrations will work, all others will have to be self hosted

No idea about Konected, not something I use tbh

I’ve just checked on the new app and Konnected is certified for UK so I’d imagine it would stick around.

It does feel like Samsung is ditching ST though. I know Aeotec seem to be picking it up but to what extent?!

There you go, it is self hosted by the devs, if another way of connecting konnected to ST is being used it is advisable to use the official connection method before loosing the IDE

Who knows what Samsung are up too, these days it’s anyone’s guess

Going back to coax camera, the only way I know of creating a digital signal from coax is output hdmi from dvr to edision hdmi converter and output that onto RF which can then be tuned into any freeview receiver on the same RF loop but that has zipo to do with ST, unless ST included a freeview receiver into the software :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Rf is always seen as low quality when in fact it is easily capable of HD quality

The closest I got to using ST with my poe cams was to leave the cameras web page open on a PC, PC hdmi out to TV input

Pir outside would detect movement and using ST the Tv would switch input to PC HDMI displaying the cameras PC output, when pir times out Tv switches back to Sky input, worked well but did require a dedicated PC running 24/7 too costly in the end

We now have tablets displaying the cameras 24/7 via WiFi, never had an issue and there also useful for Spotify and running the home remote app

Yeah it’s just a shame ST are not brining more into the mix for cameras.

I set my ST up about two years ago and didn’t add to it. I’ve come back round to it as I’m doing a project for someone else. I’m just hoping ST is an on going concern for Samsung or even Aeotec.

ST will keep going as long as there is profit in it

Cameras really should be kept to there own apps if available, ST just isn’t reliable enough even if it had some ip camera integration