Carrier Ductless Mini-Splits w/ Wifi (Carrier CliMate app)

Carrier makes a wifi device that plugs into their minisplit HVAC units (ductless AC/Heat).

The wifi device is: KSAIF0301AAA
Link to the PDF manuals about the device available here:
The air handles I have are from the 38MGR36 series Carrier units

The app is Carrier Climate, with pretty limited functionality, which is why I am thinking a smartthings integration would go really far especially with WebCORE or things like that!

Anyone know of any device handler, at least, that is able to integrate these units into SmartThings?

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Any luck with this? Curious… how do you like your Carrier system? It’s the same one we are currently looking at (also in Ohio).

So far, not a lot of good luck.

Apparently Sensibo previously had a relationship w/ Carrier, and they made these slick devices that would be inserted right into the power connectors at the controller. Super easy to install and they were wifi connected and worked w/ Sensibo.

SEN-INS-CAR-0805 for high-wall minisplit units (40MAQ)
SEN-INS-CAR-01 for ducted (40MBD)

I cannot find the 805’s in stock anywhere, seem to be fully discontinued. I was able to find a -01 for my ductless, and ordered it - should be here in a few weeks.

Carrier replaced the sensibo devices with a new usb-stick type device (also wifi), that works w/ the carrier app. The carrier app is complete trash from everything I’ve read and played with on iOS, and therefore I don’t really even want to entertain it.

As of now, I’m going with the -01 sensibo for ductless, and I’ll probably use some IR solution from Sensibo for the high-wall units in each room unfortunately. Sensibo has some unofficial integrations for ST so I think at least that will cover me even though It’s not my preferred method.

Thanks. It looks like we’re going to be doing a ducted coil in the basement and one in the attic that tie to the 38MGR. I read that you can get the USB dongle to access from your phone (which I’m hoping to do since I want it to adjust based on presence)

Sorry, I said ductless for 40MBD, that’s actually DUCTED.

SEN-INS-CAR-01 for ducted (40MBD)

You can get the USB dongle but must use the Carrier app, instead of the Sensibo app, it’s much less feature-rich and I’m not sure if it connects to ST or not - which is why I’m avoiding that one.

oh now I understand. Thanks for the part number! ebay has them for $35. I like that price vs the 20k I’m about to invest lol

Yea the -01 is available a few places and ebay. The -805 is nowhere to be found though…

I see I am not the only person dealing with this same headache. I have Carrier ducted units, cassettes, and wall mounts. I have been able to get the Sensibos for the cassettes and the ducted but the wall mounts same deal the -805 (-03?) seem to be MIA. I had my HVAC guy go to the Carrier distributor and they said “discontinued” for that model. I do like the Sensibo app and it works great for the units I have. I am debating on getting the universal Sensibo model for my wall mounts, but much higher cost than the ~$30 for the inside units.

As an update, I called about 20 places. Call these guys, they have a few left of the -805s!

You will need to tell them you’re a business probably, it’s a distributor.

They work flawlessly on the 40MAQs that I have so far. To me, way better than mounting another thing on my wall with batteries!

Cost was 78.53 each + shipping, but worth it to me.

I should add, they work flawlessly ON THE SENSIBO APP. They do not work at all with smartthings, even with the custom device handler and app that’s out there on the forum. I can’t seem to get it to consistently report any data.

Awesome dude. Thanks for that. I just got off the phone with them and have one enroute.

I’m about ready to order the Sensibo for my ducted systems. They did the install last week but the app was reading the temperature at the Unit. They came out and realized that the WiFi device (Carrier’s adapter for Ducted Unit’s looks like a tap light) does not have a thermostat built in to it. So they installed a thermostat in the living areas and relocated the WiFi units.
It STILL appears that the temperature in the app is reading the from the Unit (one in the basement and one in the attic) and not the Thermostats in the living area.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Sensibo devices pickup the temperature from the Thermostats in the living area and also stay in sync with them (vs the Carrier product which has some odd “Follow Me” feature that is still unclear.) There are also handheld remotes that appear to be pointless because the IR receivers are attached to the base baseunits in the basement/attic.

For the ducted units, I understand the handheld remotes follow me mode requires IR line of sight and pings the living area temp every X minutes. So clearly if the ducted unit IR sensor is in a closet, it’s not going to do anything.

The sensibo device (at least mine) is installed at the unit itself, and it reads through temp locally. It is therefore not right most of the time which is frustrating. Sensibo told me to set an offset on the web view. Unfortunately the offset isn’t a great solution, especially because it’s opposite in cool vs heat mode.

The inside sensibo device is still far better than anything else I’ve found for ducted units. But it’s far from perfect as well. I am hoping I can get the SMARTTHINGS DH/SmartApp to work. Then I can use website to do some proper control ideally…