Control of mini split system and or app help?

I have Carrier Infinity mini split system installed and it has wifi control capabilities. But they aren’t at all supported by Carrier. (Wish I knew that BEFORE installation) There is an app, G-LIFE, that can control the system as long as my phone is on the same WIFI network as the mini-split. ( I have 3 inside wall units) The app has full function control of all three units. Is there a way to have SMARTTHINGS directly control the units or indirectly through the G-LIFE app? If so, could you please point me in the right direction to accomplish this.

Take a look in this forum for posts about the remotec zxt-120. It can send ir commands to a/c’s and communicates with ST via z-wave. May require some legwork on your part to get it working well (and possibly not at all).

Not sure there’s any way to integrate your a/c’s wifi module with ST. If you could control it even when you’re connected from the internet, probably a better chance that some solution could connect carrier’s cloud to ST’s. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’ve seen the IR controllers and they would do what I wanted but the Carrier units are RF and WIFI only. No IR.