Capability presentation not exist for capability tV and samsungTV

Hi everyone, Im new in this platform. I just managed to connect one off my IoT device (in this case Smart Outplug) from my cloud to SmartThings using schema. Now, i tried to connect my other device which is an IR blaster device, it could control multiple devices like TV, Aircon, Speaker, Projector ect. My plan is to integrate each of the device using available capabilities one by one.

First i tried to create TV remote device using tv or samsungTV capabilities. I already get the device icon shown on the SmartThings app. But, i cannot get into the detailed view.

I checked from my cloud log and the SmartThings schema API doesnt give any interaction error report, in other word i succesfully send the required respond status.

Using Postman i tried to check the capability presentation through this API,
But both give me this response message:

Somebody knows how to fix this?

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @Eduardus_Antoni!
Some capabilities don’t have a presentation, that defines how they will be displayed in the app.
What you can do is:

  • First, verify which of the capabilities you want to use actually have a presentation as you did here:
  • Then, if they don’t, you can create a custom capability using the same definition (of the stock capability) and create its presentation accordingly.
    Get the capability definition at

Note: Just take into consideration that multiple attributes are not supported for custom capabilities, so some might have to be broken into different parts

Let me know if you have any doubts about the display types.

Maybe, this process would be faster if you set up the SmartThings CLI where you can use the terminal to make requests to the ST API.

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I don’t understand how you could create a presentation for something like the tV capability. Doesn’t it use unique GUI elements that are unavailable to define in customer capability presentations?


Sorry, I just added the restriction of the multiple attributes. However, we can make custom capabilities to change the channels and show the current one in another.
Of course, they won’t look the same as those that are part of certified devices but this is a workaround.

Thanks for the reply, i found that there is an issue with making custom capability.
My organisation has planned to continue this development up to certification process, but the documentation mentioned that for now custom capabilities are not supported by the works with SmartThings Certification.
Is there another way around to use stock capabilities that have volume up/down channel up/down, ect. ?

Let me verify some details with the engineering team and I’ll let you know.

Sure, thanks for the support.

I found this capabilities, that i think could be usefull:

  • statelessPowerButton
  • statelessAudioMuteButton
  • statelessChannelButton
  • statelessAudioVolumeButton,

i have tried to use all of it,
in the detailed view only statelessPowerButton show up in the presentation. i checked the capability presentation for all of it, and it says they all have detailed view presentation.

I checked the automation tab presentation, it works fine. The only issue i found is in the detailed view presentation.

Ok, let me check those capabilities with the engineering team because they’re not included in the capabilities reference.

thank you @nayelyz