Samsung TV capabilities: samsungvd.ambient

I see numerous capabilities on Samsung TVs such as samsungvd.ambient, samsungvd.remoteControl, samsungvd.ambientContent, and samsungvd.mediaInputSource. Literally 0 hits on Google for them. Meanwhile, the production capabilities “samsungTV” listed in the documentation seem non-existent. Does anyone have information or pointers as to the commands available for these capabilities?

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The ST CLI or the ST Advanced Web App will show you all the commands that are exposed for the presentation for that device. Here is a partial list of the commands available for my TV from the AWA.


Hello @cyphers Welcome to SmartThings Community

@h0ckeysk8er is right, in this case, if you want to see more information about these capabilities you can use the SmartThings CLI with the next command

smartthings capabilities capability_name


smartthings capabilities samsungvd.ambient -j 
    "id": "samsungvd.ambient",
    "version": 1,
    "status": "proposed",
    "name": "Ambient",
    "ephemeral": false,
    "attributes": {},
    "commands": {
        "setAmbientOn": {
            "name": "setAmbientOn",
            "arguments": []

or another option is to use SmartThings API :raised_hands: