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Capability for Ring/Bells

(Bruce Robertson) #57

So I added this under the Cameras section. Is this the only place I need to add it?

(Dennis ) #58

the only thing it show is it is green (assume it mean online) that is it. I did see where it is showing up as a motion sensor seems that is the only feature as of now

(NHaley) #59

hard To Tell From Everything Posted, but I cant Seem To Find A Working “Button” (one, two, three, or Four) to Create An Automation To Turn On Lights When The Bell Is Rung. Are We Still Working On This? Thanks Guys, not A Developer Obviously :slight_smile:

( I hate Mondays) #60

If you are talking about CoRE then you need to update to the latest version and try again :wink:

(NHaley) #61

Nope, just trying to work through the app. Is there a better place to ask?


For Core?

(NHaley) #63

I don’t know core from my elbow unfortunately, hoping someone might have insight into running it straight from the ST app. I’ve managed to get the doorbell added (as a button even), but when I try to make it do something via a routine or smart app, etc., it doesn’t seem to want to work.

(Donald Kirker) #64

We are working on a fix now. In fact, I am verifying it at this very moment.

Also, for the next week, no one ring a doorbell in my vicinity… I might just lose it! haha :fearful:

(NHaley) #65

Thank you! I figured it was still in draft mode. I’ll keep an eye here :slight_smile:

(John) #66

Anyone else seeing this error from the DTH in the logs?

4:32:58 PM: error java.lang.SecurityException: Getting properties on class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException is not allowed @ line 752

(Donald Kirker) #67

Hi John,
I have a bug filed for this. You should be able to re-perform whatever step you were attempting and it will succeed.


(Realy Living Dream) #68

Now that we have both Ring & Skybell integration, who’s working on the facial recognition for SHM ? :smiley:

(Donald Kirker) #69

For those having issues with the authentication screen: I have been beating my head on this for a few days so that I can get concrete examples to send to Ring. Are there any customized settings for the display, display density, or accessibility that you have adjusted? I have an iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that I cannot for the life of me reproduce this on.

( I hate Mondays) #70

Someone mentioned different text size at some point…

(Ed) #71

I’m on a Galaxy S6 Edge device. If you change system font settings from tiny to large you should be able to reproduce the issue.

I see a few possible solutions:

  1. Mobile friendly/responsive auth screen from Ring.
  2. Set web view inside the app to fit all content.
  3. Set web view inside the app to force desktop view with zoom capabilities.

1 would be ideal. That’s what Nest does. 2 and 3 get the job done but will most likely require users to zoom in and out to use the form.

(jkp) #72

I have an iPhone 5S and iPad 4 and can not see the authentication button on either (not even a sliver as some were able to see). I have tried smaller font size but no luck. I attached screen shots earlier in the post.


Pretty silly to need a workaround for this, but I’m on an HTC one M8 and couldn’t get the authorization to show no matter what I did. So, using an old thread about runnign Smartthigns in Chrome, I was able to barely see the button, and now it is all added.

(Mark) #74

I had this problem. It appears that there is a

at the bottom of the web page that is fixed and the button/link to confirm is hidden behind this
. Setting the text size on my phone (Edge 7) to the smallest setting allow enough of the page content to be display above the
to see a small portion of the confirm and touch it.

I’m sorry I didn’t do a screen grab.

(Donald Kirker) #75

Thanks. I’ll have to try that again. I even went into accessibility and selected jumbo fonts. It looks like while they have a mobile friendly auth site the bottom footer can cover up part of the mid-page content. Out of curiosity, what are the software versions (Android/Samsung specific) that are on your S6 Edge? I have the T-Mobile one and am going to make sure that it has all of the updates.

Thanks everyone!

(Mark) #76

My phone is an S7 Edge on Verizon. I’m using the latest software and the Chrome browser.