Modify dumb doorbell to smart doorbell (UK)

Just thought I’d ask here before I go hacking away to figure out if its possible.

I’ve got a Bryon BY601 doorbell. It’s a wireless doorbell, button connects to a box with a speaker in it. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to go about this yet, but I’m wondering if somehow I can connect a Smartthings compatible switch or button to the wiring inside the bell box which will active when the button is pressed.

Yes, here’s the thread that covers lots of options.

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I think the issue though is that i’m in the UK at things are slightly different. I’ve got a wireless doorbell, with the chime taking 3x AA batteries (4.5V) and the button taking a CR2032 (3V) battery.

This will probably require some electronics tinkering. You may be able to tap into the button and hook up a contact sensor to detect the button push. If the receiver side has an LED that turns on when the doorbell button is pushed, you may be able to hook into that. Or build a little circuit to detect the sound energy on the speaker and trigger a contact sensor that way.

But I don’t think it will be completely straight forward, unless the receiver already has something built in to trigger an external device.

I’ve had a quick look and found 2 points in the button where the amperage goes up when the button is pressed, but it might be hard to get the circuitry in there.

The receiver itself has no LED, just a speaker which is the purple and yellow

Any idea how to tap into the contact sensors, as they use magnets and the multisensor from samsung is quite complex

If you check out the other doorbell thread mentioned by @sidjohn1, some folks use a Schlage Z-Wave sensor which has screw terminal contacts that will detect an open / close state. You should also be able to find a lot of info on a MIMOLite device by searching, which is a versatile input / output sensor, although it requires external power. Not sure if these are available in the UK.

I’ve modified a Peq open / close sensor by de-soldering the magnetic reed switch from the board and soldered wires in its place. I did it because I had the sensor on hand and it was cheap. It would have been much easier to get the Schlage sensor.

The MIMOLite is available in the UK, but I think its an import and costs something ridiculous like $120!

I’ve found some LED +/- terminals on the board, however I cant seem to measure any resistance across them so unsure if they’re wired in

SmartThings multi sensor to detect vibration and send alerts on acelleration. You mentioned there was a speaker in your wireless door bell, and where there is sound there is vibration and measurable acelleration (yay physics).

Either way the link has a wealth of info I highly recommend reading if you have questions about all the various ways you can get door bell notifications. If you fiquire out yet another way… Sharing is caring and that link would be more than happy to house your solution as well.

Happy reading!

I don’t have one of the multi-sensors to play with. Are you saying that sound will trigger it? That “sounds” (see what I did there :slight_smile: ) like it will cause a lot of false alarms if it’s triggered by such high frequency vibrations. From the product description, I had assumed it was triggered by low frequency vibrations and physical movement, like doors opening, knocking, etc.

I think @sidjohn1 is saying that the vibration of the speaker causes the sensor to shake. Not sure how loud your speakers are, but mine don’t vibrate the speakers to that extent!

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