Capability conflicts pt2

name: fail1
- id: main
  - id: temperatureMeasurement
    version: 1
  - id: thermostatHeatingSetpoint
    version: 1
  - id: thermostatCoolingSetpoint
    version: 1
  - id: thermostatMode
    version: 1
  - id: fanSpeed
    version: 1
  - id: thermostatOperatingState
    version: 1
  - id: fanOscillationMode
    version: 1
  - name: Thermostat

- id: outdoor
    - id: temperatureMeasurement
      version: 1

this profile fails to render in iOS,
conflicting row fanOscillationMode

Can you provide more info about this, @veonua, please?
Is the capability fanOscillationMode not showing or are there others?

it renders as an empty page without any capabilities on iOS. On the Android it renders ok, with ainor issue - modes are in lower case

Hi, @veonua.
Following up on this. Can you provide more details about your case, please?
I used the configuration you shared above and I can see the device on the iOS app correctly.

  • Which version of the app are you using?
  • Does this device have a special configuration? For example, in the device presentation
  • Are the capabilities initialized?

This is just to see if I can replicate the issue.
Also, it can help to clear the app’s cache, on iOS the only way to do this is by reinstalling the app.

sorry, probably there was a glitch with the profile.
Now, after many changes and numerous device recreation it renders ok on both iOS and Android

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No problem. I’m glad it was just temporary. Thanks for the info!